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A rare TFC piece on TSN's website

Free kick

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- DP approved ( This is nothing new ) and Mo Johnston is still looking for the right player ( again this is nothing new).

- Stadium expansion is now on the backburner but still a "no Brainer". New training facility and natural ( grass ) surface now bigger priorities.

- Seasons Tickets waiting list now at 13K.

- Season tickets renewal at 95% and capped at 16,000 once again.



TORONTO - With a season ticket waiting list at more than 13,000, Toronto FC is eyeing stadium expansion but not in the immediate future.

"We're thinking about a bunch of different things right now," said Tom Anselmi, executive vice-president and CEO for Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment. "We're thinking about a proper training facility . . . we're long-term interested into putting grass in BMO Field."

Switching from FieldTurf to real grass would require the approval of the city, which........................................

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