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BIg East Championship

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

I don't follow American college soccer too closely. Are there any Canadians on these teams?


here is UConn's Roster of Canuck Women:

Melissa Busque (Freshman) M/F 5-4 - St. Bruno, Quebec

Stephanie Labbe (Senior) GK 5-10 - Stony Plain, Alberta

Katie Radchuck (Senior) D/M 5-4 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Courtney Wilkinson-Maitland (Freshman) D 5-7 - Candiac, Quebec

here is West Virginia's roster of Canadian Women:

Amanda Cicchini (Senior) MF 5-2 - Oakville, Ontario

Deana Everrett (Senior) FW 5-5 - Oakville, Ontario

Nicole Mailloux (Junior) D 5-8 - Mississaugua, Ontario

Robin Rushton (Senior) D 5-5 - Scarborough, Ontario

NO Canadians at Marquette (BOOOO)

No Canadians at Notre Dame (BOOO)

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Who see the cbs college sportsnetwork ?

Do you have a link for cactch Cbs college sportsnetwork?

Je voudrais voir le macth mais mes parents n'ont pas le cable sur la télévision. Es t il possible de regarder le match via Internet ?

merci :)

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