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Addlery and Jarun DONE in Vancouver

Calgary Boomer

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Guest Jeffery S.

Addlery needs to be replaced, he was not up to par.

The young guys have to be brought in slowly still.

Clarke is sharp but getting on in years.

They sign every year, this upcoming will be no exception. Would be nice to see them sign with a mind to supporting the Canadian talent they have been developing though.

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Addlery just didn't score enough. He has a great touch, and is smart with the ball, but four goals isn't enough.

Jarun on the other hand could have been kept around as another option. Without him, they may have to put Clarke in defence, which would force(gulp) Kindel back into the middle of the park.

I would love to see Steve Kindel added to that list of cuts. He makes the players around him work extra hard due to his poor work ethic. His ball movement is slow, his challenges are weak, and he blames his plethora of mistakes on other players.

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Guest speedmonk42

Very excited about Gage. He looks like a quality player.

Can/will the caps hold on to him?

I hope he plays one more season and then lands something big like TFC.

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