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CCL: Atlante FC-Mtl Impact (R)

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Guest speedmonk42

You know... a forward looking, based on growth rates Montreal Ultras or a TFC supporters section would have OWNED that stadium.

In Mexico.


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It's a shame Ribeiro couldn't have potted that one in injury time, where Villar came ridiculously far out of his goal to try and clear it. Villar should have gotten a red for that foul, it was a clear goal-scoring chance. @#$%&*^ Mexicans, I had a feeling they'd snake their way into first... Bring on whoever it is in February!

As of today, has there been any word on where the quarter might be played for the home leg? I only caught the last 10 minutes of this one (Winston's downtown is run by a bunch of f*cking jock wankers) and they couldn't get their sound to work, so I didn't get to hear any of the commentary. I want to see it live, but the longer it takes to have things set up, the more expensive those plane tickets become.

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