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Which 11 would you protect in the expansion draft


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quote:Originally posted by VPjr

Edwards, Wynne, Nana, Brennan, Dunivant, Gala, Rickettts, Guevara, Ibrahim, Dichio, Barrett

Edwards? I'd love it if Seattle took him we could easily get a Canadian back up.

I'd protect

Wynne, Brennan, Sutton (MVP this year), Nana, Gala, Ricketts, Guevara, Barrett, Johann, Rosenlund, Dunivant

Too easy to protect 11 on our team. Heck I could just protect 8 and I'd be happy. Can we protect only 8? I'd be glad if Seattle took Dunivant or Edwards.'

Didn't protect Dichio or Robinson because Dichio would retire before he left. But this could backfire like Jason Kreis did for RSL.

And Robinson can leave for all I care, he's decent, a lot better than Edu was but that's not saying much. $300,000 can leave

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This is what I posted on usector yesterday:

1. Sutton

2. Brennan

3. Wynne

4. Barrett

5. Ricketts

6. Harmse

7. Rosenlund

8. Attakora

9. Johann Smith

10. Guevara

11. Dunivant (if traded, either James or Edwards)

To be honest we could lose any of the three names at #11 picks and I wouldn't really complain. All three players are back-ups at best so its difficult to argue they should be protected and they are too old to be considered prospects unlike a couple of the younger non-starting Canucks & Yank I've listed. Dunivant has proven himself in this league & could fetch something in a trade so he gets the nod over Edwards & James. As for James, he's 24. A little too old for my liking for a player who hasn't developed the ability to pass the ball with any accuracy. Five years older than Nana but Nana's already a better player & has way more upside - a good half-decade on the age front for starters. It was quite telling that Harmse (despite having no experience at CB) didn't just take Velez's spot at the back but also Julius James. James is the same age as Harmse (who can also play other positions & doesn't take up an international spot), and as mentioned, 5 years older than Nana (who also doesn't take up an international spot). Between the three of them, it is James I'd leave un-protected - he will count as an international for Seattle as much as Harmse & Nana will.

Velez & Jarrod Smith, they are also welcome to. I agree with the others about Robinson & Dichio (Robinson's salary under the cap should also be a turn off given what he brings to the table can very likely be replaced more cheaply by another d-mid domestic pick), and the less said about Ruiz the better.

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