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So seasons done...where TFC stand with draft picks


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I believe there are two drafts, one for players dubbed the superdraft that is mostly those in university, although I believe they can pick players not in university (i.e. Altidore was picked by Moe in NYRB). My understanding is that they have 2 first round picks, and unlike this year where they got limited returns from their last year picks (Pat Phelan gone, James not so great) they really need to pick up some good players.

I know there is a great striker available who I believe is projected to go number one, I forget his name, but I thought he was somehow Canadian or a Canadian resident...

Then again who knows with Carver and Moe what they'll draft, some times mo does really good (Wynne, Altidore) other times not so hot.

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Check out www.mlsdraft.net

The draft is NCAA Players and some Highschool players, that is all.. this class is going to be really deep this year, and that is without the Generation Adidas class added to the pool yet.

TFC Have 3 1st round picks

2nd Overall (San Jose's Pick)

4th Overall (Toronto's Pick)

And Chicago's Pick which isnt numbered yet

The consencus pick before the year started was O'Brien White, but with 2 young strikers in Ibrahim and Barrett, im not sure that is the place to look at the moment. Attacking midfielders may be interesting.. Chris Pontius plays a winger/attacking midfielder role at UCSB who scores alot of goals and is just such a smart player.

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