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Atlante-Impact at Cafe Frappe Tues. Oct. 28-10 pm

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We will be meeting at Cafe Frappe Tuesday Oct. 28 at 10 pm to watch the Impact play Atlante in Mexico. Some people are interested in seeing the Habs game together at 7:30 so if you are interested just show up earlier. The Habs game will be on the big screen until about 10:15 pm so at 10 he will put the Impact game on one screen and after the Habs game ends on all the screens. The manager of Frappe will also put on the Olimpia-Joe Public match on one tv at 8 pm if anyone is interested in watching it. Although both the Impact and Atlante have qualified for the next round, this game is still important as it will determine who finishes first in the group and hopefully gets an easier team in the next round.

Cafe Frappe is located near our usual spot Bica (who could not show the game). The address is 3900 boulevard St-Laurent (Bica is at 3991 and Champs is 3956 so Frappe is just a bit south of them on the same side of the street as Champs). Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=frappe%20cafe%20montreal&ie=UTF-8&ll=45.519729,-73.574924&spn=0.023244,0.036993&z=15&um=1&sa=N&tab=wl

Unlike Bica, Frappe does not sell food. However, those who want to eat are allowed to bring food into the bar and Schwartz's and a Portugese chicken place are located across the street.

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