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Limniatis wouldn't say no...


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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

First of all, the biggest difference between Olimpia and Honduras is.....the top quality talents to open the space that Honduras have compared to Olimpia. Say what you will about the Olimpia play in CCL, but you can't ignore the additions of Valencia, that twat from TFC and that other guy from Italy. Add to that players are always - it seems except for Canada and England - about 10% bigger and 10% faster when playing for their country as opposed to their club.


Good point, 4 of their front 6 are non-Olimpia players. Suazo and Costly up front, and Guevara and Palacios in midfield.

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Hmmm...affordable MNT coach, eh?

1. Experienced European assistant at a national team level - preferably not a very good team. Scotland, Hungary, Poland, and the like. Or a successful head coach at a lower-budget club side in a major league...but any EPL or La Liga manager probably doesn't qualify as affordable?

2. Willing to live for 10 months a year in Europe, with monthly flights to Canada plus time in the summer when any national friendlies would occur.

3. Willing to travel on the cheap (EuroRail pass anyone?) to watch, support, and consult with Canadian players in Europe on a very frequent basis. Enjoy dozens of low-budget motel rooms throughout Europe, and be able to sleep comfortably in a coach-class train seat at 2:30 AM in the morning. Visit every prospective Canadian, young and old, not the 22 who might be on the MNT at that time. That's over 150 players who could someday play on the MNT?

4. Willing to plan, organize, and handle the accounting on Canadian camps in Europe during FIFA windows. No, the team manager back in Toronto won't help you (much) with camps you want to organize and run 5000km away. Better yet - fire the MNT manager (sorry Morgan, nothing personal at all) and use those funds to run an extra camp or two. (Give Morgan one of those business development positions if qualified!)

5. Be prepared to bury your ego and allow the CSA Technical Director to become the face of the national teams in Canada while you are off figuring out how to build a real team rather than a collection of players who happen to meet up every four years for some high-level but apparently meaningless games.

If you hire this coach, tell him he's fired in 2014...2013 if he fails to qualify. Hopefully we can get away from a 100%-based European team with limited travel funds and little interest in the MNT back home by then. At which point these requirements for head coach change.

I realize I've set the bar really low here. But I don't need a coach who will spend half their time whining about the state of the CSA, I don't need a coach who complains that Canadian players aren't committed to the national program, and I definitely don't need a coach who is thousands of kilometres away from his players. I need someone who is prepared to work with the resources available, with the temperament of the players in consideration (these aren't Koreans, or African nationals, or Caribbeans), and is still prepared to produce results in August of 2012. On the cheap.

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Guest speedmonk42
quote:Originally posted by SilverSamurai

I have to agree.

I think IF he were to be given a shot, give him a shot during the 2019 Gold Cup. Sure it'd be nice to win it, but not the end of the world if he's not able to get the results. Or get a foreign coach but have a Canadian as an assistant. That way it would give them the chance to learn from someone with experience.

Fixed your post.

No Canadian (or anybody) unless he has coached at least 2 other national teams someplace else. If other people don't wan't to hire him, we shouldn't.

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