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CSA's Stategic Plan 2009-13 is out!!!


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The good news for me is at 20, and currenty playing football and studying Media and Communications in the UK, I feel that I am learning many of the necessary tools to help turn our game around back home. I would truly like to get involved with the CSA at some point, because this document just further speaks to their mediocracy and how much room their really is for improvement.

Sorry but you are unqualified. You have played the game, you are not Italian (or studying in Italy) and you are younger than 60.

No chance.

If, however, you were say some doctor from Montreal, now THAT is qualification to run a National Football Association!

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Interesting that they are taking candidates and running them through there paces, why does the CSA not follow this innovation ?

FIFA Coaching Team comprising of Ben Koufie, Sonnyboy Sethibe and Govinden Thondoo have commenced a comprehensive programme to identify a Technical Director for the South African Football Association (SAFA).

SAFA has shortlisted six candidates for the position. They will be assessed over a period of 10 days at the High Perfomance Centre in Tshwane. All candidates have extensive knowledge in youth development and they currently serve South African Football in various capacities. The short listed candidates are Conti Kubheka, Serame Letsoaka, Thabo Dladla, Farouk Khan, Desmond Lewis, and Steve Horace Phiri.

Chief Nonkonyana

FIFA's Ben Koufie says the assessment programme will include among others match analysis, presentation skills, game observation, man management skills, physical training methods for youths and senior players. “We are excited about the programme and the candidates are knowledgeable about the game and their experience will always be needed beyond this exercise in developing the game in South Africa and the continent,†says Koufie.

SAFA's Technical Committee Chairman, Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, says the imminent appointment of a Technical Director is the first step towards implementing the long term development strategy which was crafted by South African Coaches in partnership with FIFA and CAF at a three day workshop convened by SAFA President, Dr Molefi Oliphant, at Vanderbijlpark in August 2008.

“The strategy encompasses a comprehensive youth development plan, a technical plan and women football development plan, the Technical Director will work closely with the Technical Committee to set up a Technical Department that will assist him to roll out the programmes in the 52 Regions of SAFA,†says Nonkonyana.

Chief Nonkonyana adds that SAFA has received an invitation from FIFA to attend a Development seminar in Botswana from 30 March to 1 April 2009. “FIFA is convening a Development Seminar for member Associations in the Continent, and they have specifically invited General Secretaries (CEO's) and Technical Directors for the seminar, we are on course to appoint a Technical Director and the timing of the FIFA Seminar is good enough to inaugurate our man.â€

The program will end on the 19th March where the Coaching Instructors will compile a report for submission to Chief Nonkonyana; the report will be discussed at the Technical Committee Meeting before being presented to the National Executive Committee meeting of SAFA on 27 March 2009.

Click here to download the programme

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I'm confused... in summary the CSA is trying to 2$ or 5$ per head within all provincial associations? Furthermore, is it that for all money that they get, the federal government will inject the same amount????

It's 7 or 8 now{should be 20$ just to decease the slurpees after the games},however the CSA Board is refusing o step down.They should have been reorganized a year ago or at least 4 months ago.

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