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FIFA U-17 New-Zealand 2008


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Bryan Rosenfeld interview on FIFA.com:


FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup

Saturday 10 October 2008

Coach Rosenfeld selects squad for New Zealand 2008

Canada’s women’s U-17 team has selected its squad for the inaugural FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. Coach Bryan Rosenfeld has selected 21 players for New Zealand 2008, which runs this 28 October to 16 November. The Canadian team will meet this Tuesday 14 October in Toronto, ON before leaving for New Zealand three days later.

'It is an exciting time for the players and staff as we move into our final preparations for New Zealand 2008,' said coach Rosenfeld. 'The selected players are very honoured and anxious to represent Canada. The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup will be an excellent competition to enhance the development of the female game.'

Sixteen of coach Rosenfeld’s 21 selections won bronze medals at the CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship in July, including team-leading scorer Tiffany Cameron (five goals in five games). It was Cameron that scored the lone goal in a 1:0 win over Mexico on 27 July, ensuring Canada’s qualification for the first-ever FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. Other bronze medalists at the CONCACAF tournament included midfielder Amy Harrison (who actually missed the 27 July match because of a suspension) and goalkeeper Cynthia Leblanc (who posted the clean sheet in the win over Mexico).

'The past 14 months have gone by very quickly,' said Rosenfeld. 'We have had an opportunity to look at many players and dealt with many adversities as per the health of the team. We have taken on different looks as per what suited the selection of different player personal and we are now a more experienced team to take on the challenges that the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup will bring. We are all excited at the possibility of creating a positive winning formula of success at this inaugural FIFA tournament.'

Canada, whose title sponsor is BMO Financial Group, will face New Zealand on 28 October, Colombia on 1 November and Denmark on 4 November. Canada’s first two games will be played at the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland while its third game will be played at the Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.

The top-two teams in the group will advance to the quarter-finals on 8 November to face a top-two team from Group B (Germany, Costa Rica, Korea DPR or Ghana). Canada’s quarter-final match would be played at Wellington Stadium in Wellington.

The two semi-final matches will be played on 13 November at QEII Park in Christchurch while the final two matches (the final and the match for third place) will be played on 16 November at North Harbour Stadium.

Kayla Afonso - Toronto, ON

Tiffany Cameron - Mississauga, ON

Sabrina D’Angelo - Welland, ON

Nkem Ezurike - Sackville, NS

Lauren Granberg - Sherwood Park, AB

Amy Harrison - Winnipeg, MB

Karli Hedlund - Edmonton, AB

Julia Ignacio - Edmonton, AB

Rachel Lamarre - Laval, QC

Marialye Laramée-Trottier - Charlesbourg, QC

Cynthia Leblanc - Granby, QC

Annick Maltais - Val d’Or, QC,

Bryanna McCarthy - Ajax, ON

Nicole Mitchell - Guelph, ON

Alyscha Mottershead - Brampton, ON

Geneviève Richard - St-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC

Diamond Simpson - Mississauga, ON

Alexandra Smith - Calgary, AB

Caroline Szwed - Oakville, ON

Danica Wu - Edmonton, AB

Shelina Zadorsky - London, ON

Head of delegation / Chef de délégation : Francis Millien

Head Coach / Entraîneur-chef : Bryan Rosenfeld

Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Lewis Page

Goalkeeper coach / Entraîneur des gardiens : Owen Braun

Athletic Therapist / Thérapeute athlétique : Alicia Crelinsten

Strength and Conditiong - Equipment Manager / Entraîneur de force et condition - Gérant des équipements : Paolo Pacione

Doctor / Docteur : Dr. Philip Lee

Manager / Gérant : Stephanie Rushton

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Someone posted this year group was a weak crop in BC. It will be interesting to see what happens next tournament. And they did have Lam-Feist, but she pulled the plug. Good to see the Albertans. My guess is at this age group they are the best in the West.

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There is a '92 from BC that is starting for the Colombian team that is going to the U17 World Cup. She didn't even make the Provincial Team in what is a "weak crop" .I saw that Colombia are playing Costa Rica in a warm up game. Will be very interesting to see the score, as I believe Costa Rica beat our U17 group. Again as has been beaten to death on here, its pretty subjective what are "weak crops" and "who are the best". I'd say, that this is the group that Rosenfeld was the most familiar with and who had the qualities he was looking for, in the style he wanted to play. I've coached enough kids in high school to know that often there really isn't that much separating the players, and often it does come down to a matter of taste and familiarity in picking teams.

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quote:Originally posted by Vic

You also know you can't win then. You pick more kids from the West than their population say's they should provide, and still people get down on you. I doubt Rosenfeld cares where any kid comes from.

It must be tough to balance winning versus keeping your job as head of player development for the OSA.

Interesting that he has added a 93 player to the roster who also happens to be from Ontario.....do we not have any 91 players in the country who have more experience and talent.

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Coaches go with who they know. Given two players of roughly equal ability, if the coach knows from first-hand experience that one of the players will do the job asked of them and not wilt under pressure, and the coach has no such knowledge of the other player, then who do you think they will pick? Who should they pick? Who would you pick?

These "coach from X is biased towards player from X" arguments are among the most idiotic and pointless on this forum. Get over it already, and let the coaches do their jobs.

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^ lol

Depends on the coach, but a lot of people put faith in staff, scouts, regional coaches, etc. All players have profiles which helps too.

These tournaments are every 2 years, so adding a 93 would be to have a captain/veteran around to lead the next tournament. Pretty standard fare.

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One can rationalize anything just as we have heard the CSA spindoctors at work for many years now with virtually no results where it matters - on the field. As far as i am concerned the CSA and its cronies will never get the benefit of the doubt from this individual. Track record is everything.

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These petty regional debates get boring and tiresome. The fact that this coach took 5 Albertans and 1 Manitoban leads me to believe some of the crazies are doing their usual work of stirring up shat for no reason other than to attack the CSA as usual.

That aside, are we getting this tournament on TV? The real reason I opened this thread was to see if their was any info on that. I shouldn't be surprised to see what I found instead though.

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turbo, there has never been a U17 Women's Cup before. I remember watching some of the U20 games in Thailand in 2004 on tv (perhaps even CBC). But I don't believe the U20 games in Russia in 2006 were televised.

The games are supposedly being sent to 150 countries with an expected

tv audience of 125 million, but I'm not sure who bought the North American rights. I know Sportsmax has a lot of the games on in the Caribbean. Setanta and FSC schedules for the end of the month aren't out yet. Definitely not prime networks though, as they men's U17 last year was only on ESPN secondary networks.

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A little NZ trivia:


[Carolina] Morace will be joined on the Ambassador Tour by Oceania Player of the Century Wynton Rufer and former head of women's football at New Zealand Football Michele Cox... Morace will attend the Under-17 opening match between New Zealand and Canada at North Harbour Stadium before returning to Italy.

Team USA

10 Mewis, Kristen Mid 5-8 02/25/91

11 Mewis, Samantha Mid 5-11 10/09/92

The U-17s feature a slew of talented attacking personalities, including sisters Kristen and Samantha Mewis, who have combined for 13 international goals out of the midfield. Kristen, a flank midfielder, is a year older but three inches shorter than Samantha, who patrols the center of the park for Tambi.

The U.S. will bring some dangerous forwards to New Zealand in 5-foot-9-inch Courtney Verloo (eight goals in eight international matches), Vicki DiMartino, the younger sister of 2006 U.S. U-20 Women’s World Cup team member Tina, and Hawaiian Tani Costa.

* and even more interesting is the tactics of the top ranked team:

The Americans head to New Zealand on Oct. 23 carrying a 16-1-1 record this year, including 8-0-0 in international matches. Only three players named to the squad are uncapped at the U-17 level. Tambi will also bring a tall, physical team to the Women’s World Cup with 11 players standing 5 feet 7 inches or taller.

“My hope is that when we take the field, we’ll demonstrate strength in all the major aspects of the game,” said Tambi. “That includes the physical dimension, which is what the Americans are traditionally known for, but my hope is that this group will be a more possession-oriented team and will play a brand of attacking soccer that will be fun for the players to play and the spectators to watch, and one that will make America proud.”


I heard the US coach had been through hundreds of players in the past couple of years, and it looks like his idea of next-generation women's U17 players are big and physical with the ability to hold possession and move a ball around.

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Julia Ignacio is already playing college in the US for Memphis. I was channel surfing last night and a new channel as part of my sport package is CBS College Sports. They were showing a Rice v Memphis college game. I was watching for a little and they mentioned that Ignacio was joining the U-17 nats right after the game.

Are any of our other players in college already?

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My English language is not very good. If you have no objections, I express in French language.

quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

....Are any of our other players in college already?

Je ne sais pas pour les collèges américains ???

Mais pour celles qui sont originaires du Québec

Marialye Laramé-Trottier

Cynthia Leblanc

Annick Maltais

Geneviève Richard

et pour celles qui n'ont malheureusement pas été retenues comme

Sarah Boucher

Laura Chénard

elles sont toutes membres du programme sports-études qui te permet d'étudier à l'école secondaire et au college (CEGEP)en même temps que tu t'entraine sérieusement plusieurs matchs par semaine dans ton équipe locale. Le programme Sports-études te permet de bénéficier d’un horaire divisé entre les études le matin,et un entraînement en après-midi. Le suivi des professeurs est également adaptés selon les exigences des tournois qui arrivent au cours de la saison comme ce grand tournoi international en plein milieu de l'année scolaire. Il y a beaucoup d'aide scolaire personnalisée dans ce programme sports- études. Car cela serait vraiment dommage qu'une fille de 15 ans -16 ans abandonne ses études pour jouer au soccer de haut niveau. J'ai trouvé une vidéo qui montre bien ce qui se fait chez moi à Montréal à l'école secondaire Louis-Riel avec des filles U-15 , U-16 et U-17.


C'est un programme scolaire qui demande beaucoup aux filles: Acquérir une discipline, une détermination et un sens d'organisation afin de réussir tes études et en même temps devenir parmi les meilleures sportives au soccer. Toutes les filles originaires du Québec qui ont été retenues pour l'équipe canadienne U-17 sont dans ce programme sport-études. Il y a plusieurs écoles et plusieurs colleges qui le donnent au Québec. Malheureusement que dans les villes, pas en région rurales hélas. Une fille comme Annick Maltais est obligée de quitter sa région rurale pour vivre et étudier en ville. C'est pas évident pour une fille de 16 ans d'aller vivre loin de sa famille afin de concilier le soccer avec ses études. Mais c'est une expérience des plus positives que je souhaite à toutes les sportives :)

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rough translation of Lolita's post:

The Quebec contingent on the U17 roster are all participants in sport-study programs offered in a number of Quebec high schools (finish grade 11) and CEGEPS (post secondary, pre-university). These programs enable the players to balance their studies with the rigourous demands of elite sport (personalized assistance to deal with long absences from school for international tournaments etc.). It is quite a demanding program that requires discipline and organisation on the players' part. Unfortunately offered only in metropolitan areas so that players like Annick Maltais have had to leave home at a young age to participate.

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Bonsoir Turbo

Rachel à 16 ans est t elle déja dans une université américaine ??? ah désolée ??? je ne le savais pas. je croyais qu'elle était étudiante à ville de Laval dans le programme sport-étude car elle a joué pour les Conquérants de Laval, puis elle a été recrutée par les Comètes de Laval en avril-mai 2008. Rachel a fait partie des Comètes durant tout l'été avant d'aller au camp d'entrainement de l'équipe nationale U-17

Peut être que je suis dans l'erreur ??? je vais tenter de me renseigner cette semaine.

en tout cas en 2007 , Rachel était dans le programme sport- études à la polyvalente Dupuis (école secondaire) car je l'ai rencontrée à une dizaine de reprises. Elle jouait alors pour les Lakers du Lac St-Louis U-16 (dans la région ouest de l'ile de Montréal). Et elle a même participé aux Championnats canadiens des sélections U-16 se tiennaient du 24 au 29 juillet 2007 à Longueuil pour les filles ....

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