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Kevin McKenna


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Excellent match. Why he's been on the bench to this point?

1). He's only seen spot duty with his club this season and I think he's been nursing a pulled groin.

2). He's not exactly the quickest animal in the herd either so you've got to watch how he's partnered.

3). Loud mouth to. In a good way. Not a-feared to tell it like he sees it and that may rub some bodies on the squad a bit too coarse.

4). Hot-head in a bad way. Not always a bad thing but CONCACRAP ref's can be a pretty fickle bunch.

Why did he start last night?

1). No DDR, no Guz, no Serioux.

2). Hastings as much as played himself onto the bench.

Didn't it look grand though? Three BIG men in the enemy box? They were giving the Hondurans fits. Absolute fits.

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