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It's time we band together as a group!


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There are a lot of different opinions and small arguments happening among our group here, and I think we should productively put our heads together and start pressuring for change!

Although we differ on the specifics I think we can all agree:

1) The players did not play as well as they should have

2) Dale Mitchell is an ineffective coach and should be replaced

3) There are fundumental problems within the CSA

Right now is the time that we need to band together as a group and turn the heat on.

First of all I am proposing that all the Voyageurs support a protest in Edmonton. What I am proposing/thinking is that the Voyageurs wear paper bags on their heads with eye-cutouts to show that we are embarassed by the current regime. It's different than the black t-shirt protest in Toronto, it's cheaper, and it will still get our point accross that:

1) We are embarassed by the players poor play

2) We are embarassed by our joke of a coach

3) We are embarassed by our sports governing body

We can't sit around and sulk about waiting another 4 years without taking immediate action for positive change.

Anyways that's my idea for Edmonton. If anyone else has some other ideas on how we as fans can effect change then please use this thread to post your ideas.

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