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What now??


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Well we are done, AGAIN. We played hard today but were outclassed really, can't blame the boys for this one.

Some questions:

Who is done for Canada and who will be around for the next campaign?

Will Mitch be fired?

Should we look for a top notch coach now or wait a llittle and let Hart take over on the interim?


Realistically what can we do to get rid of the CSA? This is our team, the CSA works for us and they are doing a piss poor job, how can we get rid of these jokers? Can we get a movement to clean house, and hopefully not lose any more players because of our joke of an organization. We simply will not move forward without drastic changes it will still be old boy after old boy and lack of funding blah blah blah we need to get some people in here who are passionate about our sport and team and who will have the balls to tear that mother down.

I leave it to you Voyageurs what can we do.

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