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Sportsnet broadcast question


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Is this going to be on regular old Sportsnet, or does one need one of the digital subscriptions?

On one of the schedules it said that the game was on on "pacific" and "west" at 9:30pm est. Then on another it said it was only on on "west" at 6:30pm pst.

Can anyone clear this up.



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TV Broadcast Information

Rogers Sportsnet

Available live across the country for anyone with a digital box and access to all four Rogers Sportsnet channels.

7:30 pm MT - West Channel

6:30 pm PT - Pacific Channel

Tape Delay All Rogers Sportsnet channels 11AM EST Sunday October 12th.


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Guest Jeffery S.

So just to be clear, it is a 9.30 start EST, 8.30 their time. 3.30 in the frigging morning my time!

Followed by F1.

I am having great difficulties adjusing to time differences ever since the Olympics.

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