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MLS expansion deadline bid (Oct 15). No Montreal


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quote:Originally posted by CanadianSoccerFan

I'm starting to think Joey's not getting in this round if he's going to play hard ball on the franchise fee. The competition's stepping up. Read what you want into this but MLSR got their hands on a bunch of memos and feasibility studies from Portland city hall. One says that Garber has assured Merritt Paulson (Timbers owner) they will get in this round as long as the stadium funding issue is sorted out.


If anything the people involved with Vancouver's MLS bid should be the ones worried about this, not Joey Saputo...The MLS will not bring in 2 western teams in the same expansion round..

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quote:Originally posted by Luis_Rancagua

What are the possibilities that MLS is willing to accept 3 candidacies (Vancouver, Montreal and Portland) all at the same time during the announcement at the end of November 2008??? Would anyone here on Voyageur consider this a reality or nothing but a pipe dream??? The reason why I'm dropping this idea into this debate is because certain people have been circulating this rumor on the Internet.

Look, these are 3 important valuable markets that can not be ignored.

I floated the "3 in 2011" scenario a while back. From a regional standpoint it makes a whole lot of sense. Vancouver, Seattle & Portland are already Cascadia Cup rivals within travelling distance of each other. Montreal and Toronto, well they are rivals at everything.

It would also benefit MLS by knocking back the USL when their 3 best supported teams all leave at once. Nip that resurgent USL stuff in the bud.

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