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Video - Whitecaps v Impact - Oct 5 08

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Well, Vancouver certainly earned this one. Well done Whitecaps, they played with lots of heart out there, something it seemed Montreal was lacking.

One thing has me worried though. Perhaps the excessive amounts of games the Impact have been playing is catching up to them in more ways than one. For one thing, they lacked chemistry out on the pitch. Passes were behind, movement was lackluster, and Jordan seemed to be very angry at his defense for poor marking. Hopefully these few days between this match and Joe Public on Wednesday will allow Montreal to regroup and get back on the same page as each other. Also, Montreal seemed to be unable to compensate for the mud patches out there. While the Caps played the ball wide consistently to avoid the patches, Montreal kept playing around in them.

Great game overall, I dream of the day when a match like this is broadcast nationally on a regular basis.

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