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CONCACAF League Coefficient

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I was reading up on the way UEFA has clubs qualify to their Champions League and attempted to apply some of the same formulas from this years CONCACAF competition. The results are 'eye opening' but it is early in year one. UEFA uses 5 seasons to determine the number of entries from each league.

I did add in the last Champ Cup (2008) just to help the baseline, even though the selection of teams was biased. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the 2 teams from USL-1 are beating the 4 teams from MLS. So far the top 5 countries are (if i got the math right):MEX, CRC, PUR, USA, CAN. Seeing that PUR and CAN are based on the USL-1 teams, maybe the USL-1 champ should get the Belize spot.

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I can't see Canada getting 2 of the 24 spots. Only way Canada could get a second spot is if there are 2 preliminary rounds so like 32 teams get in in total.

8 teams in group stage

8 teams (plus 8 winners from round 1) in preliminary round 2 (1 from Canada)

16 teams in preliminary round 1 (1 from Canada)

Also I think from the US, teams that should qualify should be top 3 in MLS season, US Open Cup champions and USL champions. theres 5 American (if we assume competition has 32 teams)

Countries could be as followed:

Mexico 5


Canada 2

Costa Rica 3

Honduras 3

Guatemala 2.5

Panama 2.5

El Salvador 2

Nicaragua 1.5

Belize 1.5

Carribean 4

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quote:Originally posted by Trident

I can see us getting a direct qualifier soon, after this run.

For sure. 0.5 seems to little, 2 seems to much. 1 or 1.5 is reasonable. 1.5 would be really reasonable if Ottawa gets a team or another USL team pops up somewhere.

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