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quote:Originally posted by River City

Vancouver Fan, I believe all of them are coming.

Moldobut, just make sure they're red!

Thank you for the blessing. Although I am new to posting on this forum, I am no stranger to the Canadian game (having travelled to see the MNT). It is now time to make our voices heard. Just reading the forums and the posts I can feel the disappointment and frustration felt by the loyal fans which has been created by DM and the CSA. How can we have such a promising squad in the Gold Cup and the results are now poor and the team in utter disarray! I will make my posters and show them near the end of the game cause knowing the CSA being the morale police that they are, they'll probably kick me out.

don't get me wrong, i'd much rather have our team winning but it just ain't happening and someone is to blame!

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