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very interesting piece of info came by my way the other day.

i have a friend in the commercial real estate development sector here in vancouver who happened to drop some very very important info regarding aquilini.

1.his company aquilini investments is struggling due to higher construction costs and expensive labour.

2.dave nonis was fired because he was going to spend the the 18 million in cap room the caucks have this off season.

3.mike gilis was hired cause he was willing not to spend the 18 million,thats why the canucks over the last few weeks have announced there new direction which is a youth movement.

4.the 18 million in cap room the canucks have available will not be spent on the canucks but will be used for aquilinis mls bid and expansion of swangard stadium.

the long and short of this is that aquilini is taking the canucks 18 million dollar cap space to try and aquire an mls team here in vancouver.

as i vancouver canucks fan i am outraged,as should 17.000 season ticket holders who are being taken for granted.

with 18 million available plus a projected profit of 20 million dollars if the canucks dont even make the playoffs there is his expansion fee.

if any voyaguers here puruse vancouver canucks message boards please post this as a link,vancouver canucks fans should be outraged and let aquilini know that they are not sheep.

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How are your sources credible if their facts don't make sense?

Its actually impossible for any NHL team to be $18 million below the cap.

Currenty, the NHL cap is approximately $56 million. But the NHL also has a minimum cap set at $40 million. That is only $16 million gap.

Either your sources failed math or they are full of crap.

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quote:Originally posted by kcisoul

what the hell does this have to do wih Toronto FC?

This section of the forum is called Toronto FC and MLS. There is talk of MLS in the first post in relation to Vancouver's bid to join MLS. Therefore it belongs in this section as it's on topic.

Besides there are only so many threads one can devote to "Toronto FC are crap."

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The $18 million figure also doesn't make sense because the money doesn't necessarily exist. Let's say there was $18 million in cap space, he doesn't have to spend that money if he doesn't have it or doesn't want to. Then to transfer that cap space to an MLS bid just doesn't make sense. What if Sundin actually wants the $10 million in the end? Or if they make a trade that increases the payroll by $5 million.

Either Aquilini wants to spend the money on MLS or he doesn't, it's not tied to the canucks. Plus the Canucks message board will not count this as a credible link.

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Aquilini is a ruthless business man. He wants money, and more money. What incentive does he have to make the Canucks competitive when the team is making boatloads of money?

But hey, the offered Sunding $20million, that should make everyone happy.

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