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Funny letter to the editor....


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Edmonon Sun reader speaks out...


Dale Mitchell was the wrong choice as coach of Canada's national men's soccer team.

The process also was wrong, as the head honchos of the Canadian Soccer Association apparently assumed that Mitchell deserved the promotion after coaching the under-20 men's Canadian team.

That team, playing in front of home crowds in the U-20 World Cup, failed not only to advance, but failed even to score a goal during the three games it played.

The men's national team has struggled badly in World Cup qualifying at the CONCACAF level. A complete overhaul at the CSA has to happen immediately.

My suggestion is to give longtime national team player Bob Iarusci a position at the CSA along with Ian Bridge and Bob Lenarduzzi and it finally will flourish at the world stage that we, as a nation, have lacked since 1986.

Canada had the players this time around, and enough is enough. Mitchell must go, as well as the people who gave him the job.


(Didn't the Duz have his chance?? - superbrad)

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I can identify with relative n00bs who are angry about the situation but not well-versed enough in the long (and sad) history of it to know what has and hasn't already been tried before.... at least people are starting to wonder, that's the important thing right now....

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