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Ottawa MLS Supporters Name ...


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quote:Originally posted by Sébastien

So... who's up for starting some kind of website/forum for the possibly future Ottawa supporters' group? I am incomptetent in this sort of thing, so anyone willing to start it up?

I think you have already started it here..no need yet for a dedicated site.
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I love all the suggestions .. of course they need to percolate for bit before gaining traction... and a club usually has more then one Supporters group .. over time.

This I see Corktown Boys.. being very viable for a name as is Bytown Brigade, The Cabinet .. is kinda interesting ...

for those more interested in Supporter culture ..


This sub link will give you an idea of how small clubs can even have multiple groups...


What would of course be very cool is to see a "womens" only supporters group emerge .. I can just see the RPB confusion on how to deal with them..

I think the Toronto MLS team will find the other Supporters groups will unify to hate Toronto .... which will be great for the league having the worst club in the league on the pitch being derided by all the other fan groups and helping to build attendance in home venues..

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