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CSA Accepts Mitchell Resignation


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quote:Originally posted by redhat

Awesome job, loyola. Like GL, I was encouraged, then worried about Pellerud,

then knew it when Sinclair was to be included. hahahahhahahaha

Just how it was intended! ;)


BTW, I took the 2003 CSA release about Osieck resignation and made the obvious change of names, deleted a few paragraph about achievements (Osieck had a few, DM has none) and of course added the last paragraph...

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quote:Originally posted by loyola

hehehe, I knew this would get me some unhappy V's but wasn't expecting someone supporting me for the MNT coaching job....


I don't know about your soccer knowledge but I'm sure is better than DM and on top of everything you have a sense of humor........ just put your application in and we'll support it!!! [^]

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Guest speedmonk42

I think it would have been funny as hell to have Pellarud coach the team for the remaining games. They might have beaten him up.

I am disappointed.

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I'm so gullible. Before i even got to the last paragraph I had to go check the CSA web page

I'm sure CSA, appreciates the traffic you generated on their website:D

BTW.: If I recall correctly Pellerud was a Norgewegian international. I'm sure he understands the game and how its played. And I am sure that he can tell the differemce between the mens and the womens game and what works and doesn't work in each. I dont have a opinion either way on his abilities to coach a top mens team ( club or country). But I believe, that if this were to happen, the mens team would not necessarily become a team that punts on first down.

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