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Haitian Coach next on the chopping block?


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Article from fifa.com


Towards the end it says the following: "Outsiders Haiti and Suriname are languishing at the basement of the section with only a point apiece, not enough to keep Haitian boss Wagneau Eloi from losing his job."

I've been searching the 'Net and can't find anything to say he's been sacked, but this article says so.

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I will just read the first part since I speak French.

The president of the Haitian football federation (FHF) Yves Jean-Bart aka Dadou, making his point on the actual situation of les Grenadiers, said that the FHF doesn't have enough money to hire a foreing coach.

As for now, the national team will be managed by the assistant coaches of the former coach Wangeau Eloi. The technical staff is formed by Souche Piere, Wilner Etienne assisted by the Frenchman Bernard Souillez, who managed the team againsnt Costa Rica,, will once again be the caretaker until they find a new manager.

The article also says that they are negotiating with 2 foreing coaches including a brazilian according to the vice-president of the FHF.

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