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River City

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First off, a huge thank you and job well done to the Toronto and Montreal V's who made all Voyageurs proud in the first two games. Now it's our turn and we'll do our best to make the Voyageurs look good and the MNT feel at home in Edmonton. For all the anti-Edmonton V's, give us at least the courtesy of waiting until AFTER the game to begin slagging us.


http://www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16475 as well as www.flysunwing.com where I found flights from Toronto for $334 with all taxes included.


Sky Shuttle - Shuttle service from the airport to the major hotels (southside, downtown and west end). $15 one way, $25 return.


Airport Taxi - The only authorized taxi service from the airport. Fixed rate to the downtow in $48.

http://www.airporttaxiservice.ca/ and a full fare map at http://www.airporttaxiservice.ca/Zone%20maps.htm

*****All V's arriving by air or bus, please email River_City_Edmonton@hotmail.com with your exact arrival time, flight/bus info. The Edmonton LOC will compile all arrival info and see what we can do about arranging pick-up for you. Obviously, you will be notified.


For those so inclined, the Edmonton Tourism site is www.edmonton.com, but really the major attractions are West Edmonton Mall, Whyte Ave during the day, Whyte Ave


Please follow this thread.



ADDRESS: 9008 - 99 Avenue

PARKING: Room for 20 vehicles in the parking lot. Additional 20 spots after 0900. Neighbourhood parking also available.

FOOD: Please RSVP if you are planning on coming on Tuesday so we have an idea on numbers. If less than 3 people for Breakfast, then McDonald's it is. All food on a a cost recovery basis.

BAR SERVICE: We can't sell alcohol, but can accept donations.

ETIQUETTE: This is Canadian Traveller's condo so while we want to have as much fun as possible, we need to clean up after ourselves and act like the proper and courteous hooligans that we indeed are. As well, if anyone can supply the following, it would be much appreciated;

1 - DVD player

2 - 8 ft stand for a projection screen

3 - Shakira's phone number

ACTIVITIES: There will be election results, movies, games, a soccer pitch nearby and VGD will also serve as the home base for the shuttle service to pick up V's at the airport.


Tuesday, October 14 - Election Day.....yeah....

1730 - VGD Grand Opening

2300 - VGD Closing Time

2330 - Regroup at Sherlock Holmes on Rice Howard Way, across the street from the Westin.

Wednesday, October 15

0830 - VGD Opening - Breakfast served (please RSVP…pancakes, bacon, eggs toast, juices and coffee for about $3/person)

0930 - Pickup food for Lunch

1200 - Lunch roughly $6/person (Mundare Kubasa and pepperoni, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, sweets)

1500 - Order Pizza 73

1600 - Supper ($1/slice or $2/4 chicken wings)

1700 - Leave VGD

1730 - Arrival at Stadium

1800 - Stadium Entry at Gate 10, Setup of Banners and Flags

1855 - Booing of Referees

1905 - Kick-Off

2100 - Canadian VICTORY!!!!! - Leave Stadium

2230 - Wrap up, tear down and clean up of VGD

2300 - VGD Closes

2330 - Celebration continues at Sherlock Holmes

***Times subject to change


The high is expected to be plus 6. By game time we should be at 0 or subzero. Wear your woolies and fleece. Lots of layers. Hoodies, jackets, parkas, or red blankets. If you don't have a Red one of those, draping a Canadian Flag in front of you as a reverse cape will do. FYI, Mark's Work Warehouse sells lumberjack/flannel jacket shells for $30, Army and Navy sells them for $20 and Foot Locker was selling hoodies with the same print for $60, but with a second at 50% off. As well, I'm sure The Bay or Zellers still has some Canadian Olympic gear for cheap.

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Don't forget to email your flight info so we can see if we can arrange a pick-up.

Heritage Canada is mailing 200 stickers and 200 tattoos which should be enough to distribute to whicher randoms we bump into. If anyone else wants to see if they can get some more...the merrier.

Also, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MP for free flags. After explaining the October 15 game and the importance of having as many flags as possible, my MP is only giving me 2.....guess who's not getting my vote....Anyway, if every V attending brings 2 flags, we can hang the extra ones on the camera side of the Stadium which will prevent the Mexicans from hanging any of their crap.

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^ As it'll just be the Wee Elf and myself it's cheaper to fly. Flight is suppose to arrive at 3 PM so lots of time to get downtown, check in, have a bite and a pint or two and then ole, ole-ole it down the LRT to the stadium for some tailgating.

How is that for a plan, oh he of the "Driving to Boston!" infamy?

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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

Jake, you had mentioned that your flight in will likely also be arriving at around 8am. If so, can I hitch a ride with you into the city? Please let me know -- I've been holding off sending River City my flight info. based on this possibility. Cheers!

Hi Doug, my flight is WS501 arriving at 7:31. Are you on the same

flight? Regardless, you can hitch a ride if you wish.

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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

Looks like you're on Westjet. I'm on Air Canada AC8509 arriving at 8:05am (the price was the same but AC came with an extra half hour's sleep!). If you're OK with waiting around for 30 mins that would be great.

Hi Doug, I can definitely stick around for a while. The rental car

agency may take a tad longer, so waiting for a few minutes should

be no problem. Leave me an email and I'll give you my cell info.

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Low of -5 on Wednesday. Chilly.

Just playing Devil's Advocate here on the Game Day prep:

The morning stuff at Canadian Traveller's sounds like a lot of fun, but I was hoping we'd meet up at the Sherlock Holme's in the afternoon before kick-off.

I don't want to step on any toes here or anything I know you guys have been doing a lot of planning, but most of the people coming in from out of town are staying Downtown. I don't know if I'm the only one that would rather go to the Sherlock in the afternoon before the game?

I apologize in advance if I seem rude for asking...

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