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Enough! Why don't we all call the CSA or E-Mail


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I higly doubt that the CSA will read our posts here on the board.. If we want to put pressure why not swarm their office with complaints.. We should state that Dale Mitchell is incompetent and for the greater good of the future for Canadian Soccer and their pockets ;) the team must win. For that to happen Mitchell must GO!... Enough talk lets act! We have 1 month left.. Come on guys we can do it! If we don't no one will

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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

I'd prefer to go to Edmonton in a positive frame of mind. Will it help us to win that match if we devote our energies to trying to get Dale Mitchell fired? Probably not. There will be time enough for reflection and firings when the campaign is over.

think about this one for a minute - When the boat starts taking on water, should you starting bailing before or after the boat starts to list(lean)?

There's nothing positive to be gained from match 5 (Oct. 15th in Edmonton, vs. Mexico) if we're not going to the next round because we didn't get the 3 points that we need from match 4 (Oct.11th in Honduras)!

Our level of play and performance to date is unacceptable.

Its not Dale Mitchell's responsibility to score goals, or defend against corner kicks, track back on the transition, make space, offer support, win tackles....

Clearly our players are to blame, as they have not played their best football. WHY?

Dale Mitchell's responsibility is to prepare the team, to prepare the players. So far he's failed. WHY?

To me the real issue is accountability and responsibility.

The objective is South Africa, but FIRST, we need to get from Stage 3 to Stage 4 and today it does not look promising does it?

So the time for reflection is NOW! Not when we are mathematically eliminated. We've accepted the status quo for far too long, we want better results now! Not another 4 years down the road.

Something needs to change ... can't fire the players ...

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sADLY I THINK YOU CANUCKS NEEDS to do what the IRISH did to remove Staunton last time and then got Trappatoni

Of course the pride of the irish if u ask anyone about sport is always their national football team , that is the people`s team, that is why they always got so mad when they speak about brady, keane, mac grath, stapleton, giles and sometimes george best

Well they just did what everyone knows they just gathered outside the FAI and they started a fire, to fire Staunton ...i know this is hooligalism but now they got TRAPATONI a top (old) but great manager

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