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Canada-Mexico match: Toronto

Guest Doyle

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Still on for Scally's!! I'll be on the roof probably.

Toronto MB + at least 3.

This is my last night in Canada, I'm off to England for at least 3 years starting tomorrow.

Seems like the perfect time for the Miracle in Mexico!

I just witnessed England beat Croatia by 3, at HOME!! Anything is possible now!

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No I was actually at the Duke for that one. Figured it would be less crowded, but could hardly get a seat there as well.

Alright, see you there. I will be bringing my English father who actually introduced to me to Canada back at Varsity stadium at the ripe age of 6. We haven't watched a Canada game together in ages, and with the prolific Enlgand win, its good Karma all round.

See you upstairs.


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