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Tickets for Champions League match

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The Montreal Impact have reserved 100 tickets in the first five rows of section 114 for the three Champions League games for the Montreal Ultras, if anyone want to join us for any of those games you can already buy them.

All you have to do is to phone the Impact (514 328-3668) and ask for MIKE D'ALIESIO or FERN DA SILVA. If neither are available you could also ask for BRIAN WEIGHTMAN. The tickets cost $11 each. THe only thing is that you have to pay by credit card. If anyone asks you for a password it's Michael Murray (AKA Grizzly). You have until wednesday sept 10 to buy the tickets that way, after that they will be available to the general public.

Thanks to the Grizz. for arranging this.

Here's the schedule for the home games.

Mercredi 17 septembre 20h00 Impact Montréal - Joe Public

Mercredi 24 septembre 20h00 Impact Montréal - Atlante FC

Mardi 21 octobre 20h00 Impact Montréal - CD Olimpia

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The tickets that were reserved for us were released today, Sept. 12th for the Joe Public and Atlante games. The Olimpia game in October is still reserved for us. We have sold roughly 70 seats (three rows) for each of the two games. Tickets have been sold for rows 6 and higher and have sold quite well so the next available rows besides 4 and 5 are quite a bit higher. If anyone else wants a ticket right near us you should buy right away as row 4 and 5 are available but will sell quickly now that they are available to the public. You can now buy tickets in the normal way from Admission or the Impact billeterie and do not need a password. There is a warning to people buying tickets on the Admission site that this is a supporters section and is very noisy (and it should be added soon that people may be standing) and Admission agents are supposed to be telling people that as well. Hopefully we won't have as much problem with people buying tickets and not knowing what kind of section it is. The more people who buy tickets the better and larger our section will be so let's try and order a few more.

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