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Jamaicans feeling "well received" in Toronto

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quote:Burrell said support for the Boyz could be even at tomorrow's match inside the 20,000-capacity stadium.

"The members of the team, along with technical director Rene Simoes and management, attended a church service in Toronto and we were well received. And from reports received so far, more than 50 per cent of the attendance at Wednesday's game could be Jamaicans," said Burrell.

They are at the Sheraton Centre by the way. Just sayin.

From here:


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Men dem Reggae boyz are gonna have some fans.

The only thing I understand is that no one knows who will come but hasn't Tyrone Marshall told them that this is Toronto FC's home ground and that they bring a great soccer atmosphere at BMO. But I think their reporters are smoking some good ol' jamaican grass. Unless we are smoking that jamaican grass. They think they have their fans in the back pocket like last time in Montreal but this time 1) It counts 2) Toronto is now a soccer friendly city.

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