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CANADA - MEX - TICKETS.....V's Coming to Edmonton

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Hey River City........I would like to grab a seat Section P, Row 4, seat 2 next to my man werewolf88....I am still looking into flight options and what not.......if the seat is not available at least something in and around there....let me know.....I will send you an e-mail as well with the same info. Thanks.....

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Long time reader first time poster... I'll be coming to the game with a handful of people, we'll be wearing red and cheering, as we do at the E and C for other canada games. Is there room in the Voyageurs section still or should we get tix close to Voyageurs. Also if there is anything I can do here in edmonton to help promote this game let me know.

On a side note I really support everything the Voyageurs have been doing for the last couple years, i'm sure the efforts you guys put in won't be forgotten in the future of canada's football.

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River City, I am going to buy 2 tickets from you even though I will not be able to attend (i'll be in Asia on business).

Please donate my two tickets to someone involved in youth soccer in Edmonton so they can enjoy a Canada match with the voyageurs.

please email me so I can make payment arrangements.

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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

Funny you should ask -- I was about to ask you the same question! I'm definitely looking at something downtown. My criteria are:

1. Handy for the "airport shuttle". I have an 8:40am flight on Thurs AM so I'll want to sleep in as late as possible!

2. Relatively close to Commonwealth Stadium.

3. Reasonably priced, since it is really only a bed for the night. I know it'll probably be over $100 but I'd like to keep close to that if I can.

I was planning to do some legwork this weekend. I'll post my findings. Do you have any suggestions?

Downtown is NOT close to Commonwealth. The area around Commonwealth

is a dump. So if your criteria includes a shuttle, that would have

to be a big chain hotel. Pretty pricey.

I'm thinking about the Holiday Inn Express downtown, since I am

a Priority Club member (points club), and will relocate to the one

near West Edmonton Mall after (I have to be in town for a few days).

It's about $125 a night and breakfast is included.

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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

It is just around the corner from the Holiday Inn Express (58 metres away, according to Google Maps!). It was $101 (+tax) for the night and also has a free breakfast. The Holiday Inn wanted $137.

Yeah, I'm at the Express because I get points as well.

I wanted to stay at the Westin which is across from the V's pub,

but they wanted ... $ 470. I'm sure it's nice. [}:)]

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