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CANADA - MEX - TICKETS.....V's Coming to Edmonton

River City

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All V's planning on coming to Edmonton, please post your handle and expected arrival date as well as flight info. As well, please ensure there is a current email address the Edmonton V's can contact you at.

Many thanks.

0025 - Fort York Redcoat

0731 - redhat - renting vehicle

0805 - dsqpr - picked up by redhat

0828 - matthew (2)(AC8489)

0905 - Lord Bob (AC232)

0926 - piltdownman and gwallace76 (WS654)

1223 - Blue and White Army (WS136)

1322 - smiddy (westjet)

1300 - kcisoul

1400 - jason

1500 - cheeta


AM - Joe Keeper

PM - werewolf88, joshmarshall

? - Robert, Scottie, Symp Res, Yukonmike, kcisoul, Redhat, cfof, ageroo, Gregmacd, Gordon, stevieeatworld

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As it stands now we'll be out either very late Tuesday or lunchish Wednesday. Could just be me and the Wee Elf or I may have a couple-four people in tow. Probably won't know for sure who all is coming until the weekend before.

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Myself and the party coming in my vehicle will be there probably between 2 and 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday. I know for sure at least 3 others coming with me, but if we get a van then it could be as many as 8 or 10, perhaps a dozen.

WF, if I remember correctly, the V's had a corner section for the U-20 vs. Congo, right? Is the same spot the plan this time around?

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I've seen a few Sask. V's on here, but this goes out particularly to the S'toon V's (yes even you lurkers). I'm planning on both having match viewing parties at Winston's for both the Aug 20 and Sept 6 games as well as getting together a fair sized group to make the trip to Edmonton (ie. renting a van or something along the lines of that). PM me if you're interested.

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I will be driving in from Calgary on game day. I have that day off work, so I'd expect I'll be in Edmonton about 2 or 3pm, but I could be there earlier.

I'm not sure if anyone else will be coming with me as yet, but I'm definitely in for at least 1 ticket.


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Long time supporter of the MNT, new poster. Any supporters from the Regina area? I'd love to get togrther to watch the WCQs in town here. We can take over a the bar!! Also, I am planning on making the trek to Edmonton. Let's fill the stadium with RED!!!! GO CANADA

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Me and my brother are skipping at least 1 day of college to attend this game but we dont not think any of our friends will be joining us. He had a great idea to sit in the Voyageurs section. I think it would be great, hopefully there is a section set aside for the voyageurs. I have been a Voyageur for less then a year now an this site is great, i hope to meet fellow Voyageurs at the game.

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Just a quick update for the gang.

The Voyageurs pre-sale will start this Monday, August 18 and go through till August 31. There is a 10% discount if purchased during the pre-sale period and prices will be roughly on-par with the matches in Montreal and Toronto.

There will also be a discount if 15 or more tickets are purchased. Again, similar to Canada's other matches.

At present we have the first 15 rows of Section P & Q reserved for the Voyagerus. There are 17 seats in each row, therefore 255 seats in each section, 510 seats in the two sections.

If the local crew wants more tickets, I will work towards that.

Because of our pre-sale discount and further discount for group tickets, we will probably need a second code. We have yet to receive the second code. Until such time that the second code is received and all glitches have been sorted through, we will sit tight. Bottom line is we have exclusive rights to these seats and plenty of time.

That said, we are diligently working towards having this released Sunday evening or Monday at the latest.

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