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CSL Week 11

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Result of the Friday July 25, 2008 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and TFC Academy played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

24 min…TFCA Adrian Pena GOAL…Pena gets ball behind defenders on chipped pass to him and he runs down middle and slides 10 yard roller under goalie Dan Pelc.

36 min…White Eagles Milos Scepanovic GOAL…WE player crosses from right into TFCA box and WE Uros Stamatovic(?) touches ball and Scepanovic’s 12 yard blast from left is into low right corner of net beyond goalie Soitiri Varlokostas.

47 min…White Eagles Dragan Radovic GOAL…WE Sasa Viciknez cornerkick from left is over players in box and WE player heads ball back across box from right and Radovic in crowd of players heads ball into net from 3 yards.

Final Score:….Serbian White Eagles……2……..TFC Academy………1……….

Attendance was about 300 on this warm windy night with a bright sun still out in the north east for the first half. There wasn’t any singing from the White Eagles ultras fans until the second half so I don’t know if they arrived late. TFC had a traveling contingent of parents and family of about 40 but no fans from the MLS team.

This game was broadcast live on Rogers Community channel. The result was a reversal from a 2-1 upset win for TFC Academy back on June 15th. ‘Upset’ may not have been the right word back then as in only the fifth week, the White Eagles had gotten off to a slow start to their season.

TFC Academy looked good at the start of the game with continuous passing behind the White Eagles defenders and having to have goalie Dan Pelc make some huge saves. Soitiri Varlokostas had to be sharp or the White Eagles would have run away with the score in the second half although the TFC defensive line played quite well.

The White Eagles defense held firm in the second half holding the Academy to no good chances from the 71 minute mark including 5 minutes of added time. White Eagles were in no hurry to get the ball in play when it went out after they had the lead. The later part of the game is when you’d expect the teenage Academy team would keep running and a tiring White Eagles team (“a decade older” said the Rogers broadcasters) would be vulnerable but that just didn’t happen.

Referee Justin Tasev kept good control over the game and didn’t give out many cards.

Academy’s problems continue to be a lack of scoring punch with tonight them scoring only their 9th goal in 13 games.

Jarret Humphreys was listed as the backup goalie for the Academy and I saw him take part in the warm up drills. From a poster who was at the game June 27th and thought he’d broken his neck, head coach Jason Bent said it was more like a separated shoulder.

This was the last game in any league for awhile. I’ve been to 15 games in the last 17 days! Four CSL games, four Toronto Lynx games, two Toronto Lady Lynx games, the Women’s national team’s game, and three Toronto FC games and the MLS All Star game. Best of all was the MLS All Star game which was so much more exciting than I thought. I’ll use any computer time I have to catch up on my web page.

Rocket Robin


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Shane Lammie is now up to 9 goals on the season (4 in the last 2 games) for North York Astros. Astros beat London City 4-3 last night.

Vaughn Shooters got 2 goals in the 93rd and 95th minute to pull out a shocking 4-3 win over Croatia. A friend of mine attended that game and told me it was extremely entertaining.

Brampton Lions tied Portugal FC 1-1.

I've been thinking about it and I would love to see a CSL All Star team play a friendly vs. TFC. It's not going to happen but I think that would be a seriously entertaining game.

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