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Pesch officially retires


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It would have been nice to see him as a super-sub for TFC this summer, but if the body is calling it quits then you have to listen and follow suit.

Hopefully, his next big contribution to Canadian soccer will be as a coach. Since he already has his UEFA B, and is going for the A, some success at the club level and he is a strong candidate to be a future MNT coach one day. He just needs a club to give him a chance and there are several in England that know him and think highly of him. I even heard that he is sleeping with the managing director at one club, so maybe that is how he will get a job! ;)

I like that he has come back to create an academy in Pickering. I lived/played there as a kid, and I can't remember anything like that. The article mentioned that he is a partner in a player agent firm. I hope that the academy is not just to recruit for this company, but I guess if it gets talented kids into Europe then it will be a positive step.

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