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quote:Originally posted by Olgier

btw...any idea how long should my pole be?

Not sure. However, your flag is 6 feet tall, so I would guess 12 feet would be good. Err on the long side.........you can always cut it down if it's too long.

Your flag is probably going to be quite heavy, so make sure the tubing is sturdy enough, but still has enough flex.

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Dear Denise Savoie MP Victoria,

I was wondering what your view on the Victoria BRT. For every year since 1997 BC Transit has done a study, and each year they announced that they would like light rail, but cannot afford it; therefore, they announced that they plan to put an express bus lane on Douglas Street. Then each year a couple of the businesses on Douglas street complain about the loss of street parking, and eventually BC transit backs down and commissions another study. This cycle has gone on for too long. If I vote for you can you get BC Transit some tipex so they can just change the year on the front page of the report instead of spending $700k each year for a new study which ends up being the same as the one done over a decade ago?

Also can I get a Canada Flag that I can bring to Edmonton to cheer on the Mens National Soccer team in their quest to qualify for the World Cup. Something I believe has a greater chance of success than this buss lane.

Thank you,


Hopefully I get my flag in Time

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