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Canadian Women's Most Attractive Five Players

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If you don't believe sex appeal has anything to do with athletes then you probably have never heard of Maria Sharapova, Ana Kournikova, Cassie Campbell, Ana Ivanovic, and Heather Mitts. It's there deal with it.

Look + Talent = Fame.

That being said, here are five more reasons to watch the Canadian team

5.Amy Walsh: Although not a flashy babe, nevertheless very bright, sweetest smile, killer legs and an incredible soccer resume.

4.Amber Allen: When she played for McGill Martlets in 2000 everybody swore the coach was madly in love with this blonde thoroughbread.

3.Rhian Wilkinson: Awww what a sweetheart. Her website shows she is really into this soccer experience and incredibly thoughtful. I can assure there are no Amanda C skeletons in her closet.

2.Emily Zurrer: Sort of resembles Kara Lang.

1.Kara Lang (Canada's uncontested soccer queen. Strong, beautiful and well spoken beyond her years)

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Works both ways though doesn't it? The marketability of male players, especially when that marketing extends beyond the dedicated footie fan is inevitably tied to appearance. You think all those Beckham Armani posters ended up on the bedroom walls of gay males because he looks like a troll? Not likely.

Sex sells.

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