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Hakan Suker to TFC?


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quote:Originally posted by Knobbs

Also, has this deal become official or is it still one of Mo's infamous "in the works" type of deals? I haven't seen anything confirming that it is official, but I may be wrong.

Ya This one could go either way, i would expect we will hear in the next couple of days or so, http://www.soccer365.com/european_news/story_15708143302.php imagine if we got him though, we'd have two commanding towers up front.

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I think everyone needs to get off of the $4M issue. The number could be wrong, and anything over the regular salary max is DP money that comes directly from MLSE. That is why you can't buy a bunch of young players as an alternative. Suker could make $4M and his impact on the salary cap would only be ~150K more than Cunningham (I think he makes $250K and would be the one to go). You could easily trade Cunningham for allocation money to increase your cap and make up the difference.

As for signing young Canadian talent, I am starting to waver on this. It is not because I am in the second year of a three year contract like Mo and need to win now at the expense of the future. It is because the problem is not the number of Canadians that are signed by TFC (quite a few actually), it's the number that see regular first team playing time. I am worried that for all our complaining about the lack of Canadians on the squad, we would be far more pissed off if TFC lured promising young talent like Jamie Peters, David Edgar, Will Johnson, and David Hoilett back here - only to see Carver nail there asses to the bench/reserve squad and watch them rot.

Perhaps TFC could do Canada a solid by checking through the top clubs in Brazil and Argentina for the most talented teenage strikers and AMs who had just flown beneath the radars of the national U-17 and U-20 squads (easy to do in those two countries). After five years here, they might start to "feel Canadian" as much as their new passports.

Suker would do great in MLS this year and maybe next. I think MLS is comparable to the CCC if you removed the teams in the top six (the promotion/playoff spots). Remove the top six, and the remaining eighteen CCC clubs would be comparable to MLS. League 1 has some sleeping giants like Nottingham Forest (just promoted to CCC) and Leeds (almost promoted despite point deductions), but is otherwise slightly beneath MLS.

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TFC was trying to sign Benfica's Nuno Gomes. Could the turf be a reason for him not signing? He would have been a good signing. At 32, he could still have contributed 3 or 4 good years. to bad.

Gomes rejects offer to join Toronto FC


Globe and Mail Update

July 12, 2008 at 12:42 PM EDT

TORONTO — Toronto FC's search for goal scoring went to Portugal as the Major League Soccer club made an attempt to sign Benfica striker Nuno Gomes.

But both sides of the negotiation that has taken place over the past month say there will be no deal.

Gomes, 32, scored seven goals in 25 league games for Benfica this past season and scored two more in 10 games in other competitions for the club.

One source said that Gomes rejected Toronto's offer on Saturday.

The player is represented by CDS Soccer Inc. Sports Management.

In other developments, look for the Brian McBride situation to be resolved by Monday or Tuesday.

McBride is returning to MLS from Fulham of the English Premier League and wants to play for his hometown team, the Chicago Fire. Toronto holds his MLS rights and has been negotiating with Chicago on a deal that would send McBride to the Fire.

Toronto FC plays the Fire Saturday night in Chicago.

McBride could not play in MLS until after Tuesday when the MLS transfers window opens.

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