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Brazil how africa won the world cup


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In 1977 the footballing legend Pelé made a prediction that an African team would win the World Cup by the year 2000. He's never been allowed to live it down. But the question is was Pelé right. Did Pelé know something that we didn't? has an African team already won the world cup?

A very interesting ten part series.

part 1 of 10: http://affiliate.kickapps.com/kickapps/_Brazil-how-africa-won-the-world-cup-ep-1-pt-1/video/235969/10532.html

part 2 of 10: http://affiliate.kickapps.com/kickapps/_Brazil-how-africa-won-the-world-cup-ep-1-pt-2/video/236267/10532.html

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