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2008 CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship


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Thanks red card, lost my brain.

Full WNT Olympic qualifier in April:

"After taking the lead [in the 15th minute], Canada produced few chances. In the 20th minute, Tancredi's long shot fell on top of the net. In the 36th minute, Sinclair took a shot from outside the box, but it was easily stopped by the goalkeeper Priscilla Natalia Tapia.

In the second half, Canada created even less offence. Its first big chance was in the 55th minute off a long free kick by Candace Chapman. Hermus one-timed a volley, but the goalkeeper made the save."

Costa Rica as a surprise is a thing of the past.

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quote:Originally posted by The Ref

What? no complaint about funding this time. You are getting soft.

:-) No need to complain as I'm sure all of us know how bad it is still. Thankfully those in the Woman's Program at all levels & families got a lot done by getting help outside of the CSA. Question is what happens to the WP after the end of this program phase?

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Strange draw. Costa Rica beats us and as a result has to oust either Germany or North Korea to reach a quarter.

Group A

New Zealand




Group B

Costa Rica



Korea DPR

Group C




United States

Group D



Korea Republic


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Looks like the best possible draw for our U17's. Should be relatively easy to advance from that group, with only Denmark putting up any kinds of results.

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Yes, unbelievably another great draw. How many in a row is that on the women's side now? Must be close to half a dozen. WWC, Peace Queen, Olympic Qualifier, U17, etc.

Colombia won CONMEBOL, but did it on goal difference and all three qualifying countries were close. Brazil beat Colombia 3-1 in the final group stage.

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Before anyone assumes that Canada will have any easy time in New Zealand in their group, here is a game report from the semi-final win over Mexico that was reported by the local press the day after the game:

(I have only included the Canada-Mexico details as both games were reported on in the same column)

USA win U-17 title

Lucky Canada take third spot to NZ

MEXICO created the chances, but it was Canada who took their opportunity and won the third place playoff at the CONCACAF Women's Under-17 Football Championship, and so became the final qualifiers for the FIFA Women's Under-17 World Cup which takes place in New Zealand this October.

Canada's lone goal in the third place playoff came off the boot of striker Tiffany Cameron in the 32nd minute. Allowed to turn in the six-metre box, she shot over the reach of Mexican keeper Cecilia Santiago followed a corner-kick, which the defenders failed to clear.

Mexico had six clear chances to get a goal, including a free-header which Monica Alvarado sent wide in the 45th minute. Mexico's first chance came as early as the 21st minute when a goalkeeping error by Cynthia Le Blanc, left the goal with just a defender protecting it. Still, Stephany Mayor, Mexico's number 11, put her shot marginally wide of the post.

A few minutes later,Yamile Franco also missed the far post, and on the stroke of half time, two quick chances were also wasted. First Maricela Padilla shot over from close up, before Alvarado missed a header.

In the second half, Mexico's best attacker, Charlyn Corral did the hard work of unraveling the hard-working Canadian defence, but still did not score. She struck the bottom of the far post after drawing the Canadian keeper in the 60th, and also marginally missed when trying to be too precise, and dragging a low shot a few inches adrift of the diving Canadian keeper and the upright.

The Canadians defended well against the increasing pressure, and at the final whistle, coach Bryan Rosenfield, skipping like a schoolgirl, raced towards keeper Le Blanc and embraced her tightly, along with the rest of the Canadian team. At the other end, skillful Mexican Corral was full of tears.

The full article can be seen at: http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_sports?id=161357595

It doesn't appear that with the loss to Costa Rica and the win over Mexico that the U17 WNT was head and shoulders above the rest. I have also been informed by friends from Trinidad (my birthplace) that Mexico had 7 players missing from their group game with Canada mainly due to injuries.

Canada still has a lot of work to do to be ready for October.

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And the 4-1 win over Mexico in group? Guess we were a little lucky there too.

Beating them twice and scoring a full handful and holding them to a single goal in two games is lucky? At what point is it outplaying them? Three wins? Four? Five?

Had Mexico notched the first marker and backed off and played chess and committed numbers to the back and held us off the board when we pushed numbers up, would they have been lucky? Isn't that strategy 101?

quote:The Canadians defended well against the increasing pressure, and at the final whistle, coach Bryan Rosenfield, skipping like a schoolgirl, raced towards keeper Le Blanc and embraced her tightly, along with the rest of the Canadian team. At the other end, skillful Mexican Corral was full of tears.

Skillful Corral? You mean the one who's played full women's internationals for years but couldn't score in two games against our U17 girls? Quite a skill.

Rosenfeld is all about keepers and Leblanc is the first person he would have gone to regardless. It sounds like she played super and absolutely great for her, but again, does getting up 1-0 and holding a lead mean the keeper stole the game for you? I've been there a thousand times and it's as much the people who contributed to the magic goal and the backline and mids for keeping the numbers up off the board.

p.s. are you sure your Trini friend isn't misinformed? Amber Hernandez is the only Mexican player who was on the field in the group game and didn't hit the field in the final.

GROUP: http://www.concacaf.com/view_article.aspx?id=4262

FINAL: http://www.concacaf.com/view_article.aspx?id=4268

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Hey Vic, if you don't like how the game is reported why don't you complain to the T&T press?? Maybe I was misinformed, however turning a dominating 4-1 win into a 1-0 nailbiter does prompt the question as to what happened.

It sounds like this has really touched a nerve in you. You might want to try and relax as we all realize that it is only a game.

Most of all, I am really surprised at you Vic, no welcome to the forum? Hmmm, not very nice now is it??:)

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Soccer parent,

I think you were misinformed probably from of the "canadian" parents whose daughter did not make the canadian team and played for Trinidad and bad mouthed the canadian team the entire time.This same parent was cheering for Mexico in the both games against Canada. He even came to Tobago to "watch the game". The Canadian team qualified and beat Mexico TWICE in the same tournament. What a accomplishment. They did this having to subsitute THREE players in the final camp due to injuries before they left for Trinidad and not getting to play two of their starters in the final game one to injury and one to two yellow cards. They had to move THREE times while they were in Trinidad and the US and Costa Rico played in the same place the entire time. They were unconditional and they are going to the World Cup! Congratulations to each and every one of them.

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Sorry basics, but the information came from locals who have lived in T&T all of their lives and are big in the local soccer scene. If I was misinformed about the Mexico situation, I apologize, however, the game reports came from the local press and also bear out the game reports from many of the locals who watched every game in the tournament whom I have spoken to directly. If you also watched the games then I really do appreciate hearing your analysis of the games also.

That's where I got my information from; Not from one of the Canadian parents playing for another country who seems to have rubbed you the wrong way.

If appears that you have an issue with a parent of one of the foreign players and it seems from your post that you may know that person; why don't you dicuss his behaviour directly with him?

All in all, I congratulate the Canadian team for overcoming the adversity you have mentioned to make it to the World Cup. I still believe as I have stated prviously that Canada will have to raise the standard of their game to be as successful in New Zealand.

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