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USL Help Needed

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Hi guys...as some of you know, I'm the Head Researcher for MLS, USL and CSL for the SEGA/Sports Interactive titles (Football Manager, FM Live, Worldwide Soccer Manager etc...).


A couple of things have come up that i need help with.

#1. I need an assistant researcher for the Caps and Impact (not the same person) plus would be interested in hearing from anyone in any of the other USL markets. This is a once a year task and just really requires giving me some help on player stregnths/weaknesses, attributes etc... it's not paid, but I can get you a free copy of the game for your trouble.

#2 For the Impact in particular, I need someone who can help me gather more regular information for a second project I work on. There's two things that are available here...and one of them is compensated. Must be able to read french for the Impact position. Again, this is something that could be available in each/every USL D1 market...if you or someone you know could help.

If you are able to help with either, please send me a PM or email me....via profile.

Thanks and I hope someone is out there!



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