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CSL Week 7

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Amended game report…the Windsor goalie e-mailed me about who was in net.


Result of the June 27, 2008 CSL game between Brampton Lions and Windsor Border Stars played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 8:30pm.

15 min…WBS Gino Berardi blast from 15 yards stopped by sprawling goalie Adrian Ibanez and Lions defender pulled down WBS player trying for rebound. Referee John Oliva signals a Penalty kick.

17 min…WBS Aaron Byrd GOAL…Byrd rolls Penalty kick into right side of net as goalie shuffles left.

23 min…Lions Daniel Nascimento GOAL…Nascimento on 3 on 2 break from left shoots around defender and ball is low into right corer of net beyond diving goalie Mike Cezar.

Final Score:……Brampton Lions………1…………Windsor Border Stars…………1……….

Attendance was about 100 on this hot and humid evening. Mosquitoes were out in the second half after it got dark.

It was a surprise after the earlier scoring that the goals dried up after that. The chances of both teams continued for the rest of the game. I was here three weeks ago when Brampton beats Windsor 5-0. Last Saturday however the teams tied 1-1 in Windsor.

Second half tries include Lions Orlin Chalmers low cross from 25 yards that had the goalie catch a half step ahead of a Lions player getting a foot to tip the ball in from 6 yards at 55 minutes. Chalmers got in a 30 yard cross from the right that the charging goalie caught at 57 minutes. A minute later WBS Aaron Byrd got a through ball on the right and chipped the goalie from 25 yards but the ball was just wide left of net. 60 minutes found Lions Daniel Nascimento take a 30 yard blast that the goalie batted down just under the bar and have time to pick it up. At 62 minutes Lions Miles O’Connor pushes the ball forward to Lions Andrew DaSilva on 1 on 2 and he blasts a 25 yard shot wide right of net. At 67 minutes WBS Gino Berardi crossed from the right side of box and the ball was just over two leaping WBS players in the box. At 69 minutes, Lions Miles O’Connor 35 yard freekick from right was just a step ahead of three Lions players charging into the box including a sliding player only three yards from the left post. At 74 minutes Miles O’Connor again had a 35 yard freekick into the box just a step ahead of his sliding brother/team captain Matt O’Connor so the goalie made an easy save. A minute later Andrew DaSilva chipped a 35 yard kick that the WBS goalie twisted his body to catch 5 yards off his line. A minute later WBS Mike Cezar took a cornerkick from the right that the leaping Lions goalie caught over a WBS player waiting to head ball in from 3 yards. At 77 minutes, Lions Nordo Gooden charged along the right to get to his goalie’s long punt and one-touched 25 yard chip just wide left of net. At 80 minutes Lions Orlin Chalmers 25 yard ball into box had the goalie leap to punch ball out of the box and the rebound shot was blocked by a defender outside the box.

Windsor only brought two substitutes. That must have been frustrating as Lions brought on four sets of fresh legs throughout the second half pressing for the winning goal. Border Stars had Mike Cezar play goal in the first half and move up to be a midfielder for the second bringing in Milan Marsic in net replacing an outfield player. (They brought four substitutes in the game they lost 5-0).

Rocket Robin


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Results of the Saturday June 28, 2008 CSL game between TFC Academy and Trois-Rivieres Attak played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 3:00pm.

22 min…Attak Charles Gbeke GOAL…Attak Pierre-Rudolph Mayard run on left has first attempt blocked by sliding defender at 15 yards. He recovers and chips pass that Gbeke pokes into net from 3 yards.

41 min…Attak Pato Aguilera GOAL…Attak steals ball off fallen TFCA defender Shawn Kokejs and pokes 4 yards shot from left into right corner of net past goalie Soitiri Varlokostas.

50 min…Attak Pato Aguilera GOAL…Attak Charles Gbeke on right rushing towards goal taps pass back from 7 yards and Aguilera takes 10 yard shot into right side of net.

Final Score:……TFC Academy……0………Trois-Rivieres Attak…….3……….

Attendance was about 100 people on this hot, humid, and hazy afternoon. The fans were family of TFC Academy players and parents of the kids teams who played mini games at halftime. I hadn’t been to Lamport in over a month and not a matinee game but fans of the TFC main team weren’t here today. Referee Amato DeLuca wasn’t swayed by shouts from the parents for every nudge that an Academy player had to endure.

These two teams had played the night before in Oshawa and the Attak won 4-0. KAS from the Voyageurs message board posted that goalie Jarret Humphreys had been seriously injured near the end of the game. I asked a TFCA player and assistant coach Stuart Neely and they are uncertain how bad he’s injured until more tests are conducted. These two wins should vault the Attak to first place in their division.

Both of today’s goalies, Solitiri Varlokostas for TFC Academy and Gildas Toufilana for Attak were good in catching crosses from cornerkicks, chips and popped up headers. Toufilana earned a shutout today.

TFC Academy kept looking like they would get more clear chances than they did but it always seemed like the last man back would make a poke to stop a 2 on 1 break or breakaway.

Charles Gbeke and Pato Aguilera had great games for the Attak today. I was adding up with PA announcer Dave Rumack the teams that Gbeke had played for over the years. USL Montreal Impact, Vancouver, Toronto Lynx (when they were pro), and Rochester all from the USL and Ottawa Wizards of this CSL league.

The North York Astros vs. Toronto Croatia game I planned on going to on Sunday was instead bumped up to be exactly the same time as this game today. Oooh. Can’t cut into the fantastic crowds of 80 that Astros games usually draw! This game time was changed within the last week. Maybe if Croatia was in the Euro final but I can’t think of any Astros fan who is a follower of Germany and Spain. Well it gives me a day to stay home.

For the posters on Friday’s game who say the printouts of the lineups were incomplete, it was true in today’s program too but I had a copy of the referee’s sheets.

TFC Academy…25 Solitiri Varlokostas

46 Donovan Wilson…35 Shawn Kodejs…47 Daniel Tannous…43 Domenic Roberts (cpt)

38 Erick Olazabal…15 Matt Stinson…31 Ashtone Morgan

20 Josh Junniere…34 Max Marsh…45 Jarrek Whiteman

Subs:…51 Lucas Birnstingl (gk)…32 Jarret Hamilton (mid)…33 Gino Mauro (def)…39 Adrian Pena (mid)…40 Daniel DiBiagio (mid)…41 Junior Ellis (fwd)…49 Viktor Anastasov (fwd)

Trois-Rivieres Attak…13 Gilas Toufilana

21 Davy Uwimana…16 Olivier Brett…23 Elkana Mayard

18 Guillaume Heroux…11 Christian Nunez…24 Pato Aguilera…6 Boubacar Coulibaly (cpt)…5 Francois Boivin

25 Charles Gbeke…17 Pierre-Rudolph Mayard

Subs:…1 Andrew Olivieri (gk)…9 Mohammed Sylla (mid)…10 Hector Contreras (mid)…12 Nicolas Lesage (fwd)…19 Alpha Bah (mid)

Rocket Robin


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