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TFC using ProZone video technology


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Pretty impressive stuff, good to see MLSE investing in making the coaches jobs easier and hopefully the team better...


...The statistical evidence also makes it harder for an underachieving player to escape his coach's wrath, said Carver.

"If you've got a player who's saying, 'I worked hard today, Coach,' I'll say, 'Well hang on a minute, not according to this you didn't," he said. "It's a backup to what your eyes see. Experience tells you things and you can see things, but this is your backup. 'Coach, I kept position every time I got the ball.' 'No you didn't, you kept giving it away.'

"The hard-working players love it, the lazy players hate it," he added with a grin.

...At the end of the day, however, Carver knows that ProZone won't score any goals or make any tackles. The benefit of the technology will only come if it is properly utilized to best benefit the flesh-and-blood players on the pitch.

"For every player, we can give them a document about everything they do in a game, from a physical point of view, a tactical point of view, a technical point of view," Carver said. "We have to make sure we don't scare the players with it and not take too much out of it.

"The one thing you have to be careful of is you don't get too involved with too many stats. That's down to the coaching staff ... we decided what we need to take out of it to use its value. The more the staff gets used to it, the more we'll get out of it."

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