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Round 3 games in qualifying


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Group 1



Trinidad and Tobago


Group 2





Group 3

Costa Rica


El Salvador


*Panama is out* I would have predicted them 3/4th in the hex

My predictions:

Group 1:



Group 2:


Canada / Honduras

Group 3:

Costa Rica

El Salvador

Therefore if we make the hex.. we will qualify.

We've killed Guatemala 3-0 in the Gold Cup

We're 1 win 1 draw in the last year against Costa Rica

El Salvador is horrible

I think the semifinal group is what we have to worry about.

What are your predictions?

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From what I hear/guess is that T&T have fallen. Losing to Bermuda at home shows this. They have fights over money between players and Warner and I believe their older guys from the world cup are gone. Remember in the gold cup they sent a B team. So Id say Guatemala looks like #2 in that group. We dismantled them too so thats great for us, I dont see Cuba getting in as guys like Lester More and Galindo defected, they were two quality players for them. In group C, Costa Rica will probably take it but I can see them losing points to both Haiti and El Salvador. Knowing nothing about Suriname Id still guess they wont win a game. Second here may go to El Salvador for nothing more than the fact that Haiti probably wont win there or in Costa Rica.

The key for us, beat Jamaica in the first game at home. Then hope Jamaica can get points in Honduras and Mexico. Like deVos mentioned during the st VAG game, I dont conceed first place to Mexico at all, we have too much pride and confidence for that. We have a real shot at topping this group.

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quote:Originally posted by Miche

Group 2 Standings Predictions:

Mexico 14

Canada 11

Honduras 6

Jamaica 1

My prediction over on Big Soccer was

Mexico - 14

Canada - 10

Honduras - 8

Jamaica - 1

I had us Winning at home vs. Jamaica and Honduras with a draw vs. Mexico

On the road I had us winning vs. Jamaica, drawing Honduras and losing to Mexico.

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If the confederation would redo the groups then they would be way better.

1 is ok, 2 is hard, 3 is horrible. This is how it would be according to rankings:

Group 1: Mexico, Trinidad&Tobago, Guatemala, Suriname (rankings: 1,6,7,12)

Group 2: USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica, El Salvador (rankings: 2,5,8,11)

Group 3: Honduras, Canada, Cuba, Haiti (rankings: 3,4,9,10)

For Canada, Instead of Mexico and Jamaica, we would have Cuba and Haiti

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quote:Originally posted by Soju

Amazing. Two of Suriname, El Salvador and Haiti are guaranteed into the final round of qualifying but two of Honduras/Canada/Jamaica/Mexico aren't. What a legitimate confederation we're in :-)

you mean one of Suriname, ES and Haiti. Costa Rica is in that group (lucky bastards, aren't even all that)

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