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Autographed Canadian posters for sale - FUNDRAISER

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I have approximately a dozen autographed official Canada - St Vincent promo posters. The entire team has signed every poster. They are in perfect condition and came courtesy of Canadian GM, Morgan Quarry.

I will be selling these as a fundraiser to purchase whatever is deemed appropriate. Fees for the site, Voyageurs flag, etc...

The cost is $50, plus $10 postage, for a total of $60. Post on the site if interested, then drop me a line to make arrangements. You can also phone me at 204-475-5659. Leave a message and I will call you back.

Allez Les Rouges !



Just to make everything clear, Winnipeg Fury has acted as a Voyageur treasurer for special projects in the past with the Voyageurs Cup being the most famous, and he will be once again be acting as treasurer for the funds collected from this scheme.

This fund raiser has no specific purpose. It is a general revenue scheme.

As has also been mentioned the posters were signed by the players with full knowledge that the posters would be marketed in support of the Voyageur web-site. The lads giving a little back. How cool is that?

A thank you is in order to all the lads who put their names to the posters and to the powers that be within the CSA who also "signed off" on this fund raiser.


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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Hi WF,

As we talked about on the subway in Montreal, please put one for me into the package for Vancouver Fan (saves on packaging/shipping). I'll happily make a donation.

Don't worry about the donation.

You guys flew from West Coast and rocked Quebec. Throwing you guys a poster is the least we can do. Thanks for all the photo's, banners, assisting with the presentation, and contributing to an electric atmosphere.

The posters will be sent this week. I have Nazz's address.

Make sure Zach, Mina and the rest of the gang post on here and then send Cheeta an e-mail to insure they are included in our membership list.

Thanks again........

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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

Yes, I will probably do this again. They make a nice keepsake for the match. I'm getting mine dry mounted, should be nice.

Nazz, I sent your posters today. You should have them on Wednesday.

I just got them.Thanks Duane.I'll give Devon and Zachs theirs at the game tommorrow.

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