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Calgary V's: Canada vs St. V and the G


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June 20th (It's coming up fast)

Any Calgary Voyageurs up for a get-together for this one??

I'm thinking Limericks as they might give us a seperate room and there won't be music blasting in the background drowning out the commentary.

Who's in??

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Not to hijack the topic, but perhaps we could sticky a "V meetups around the country" list for those of us not attending the game in MTL.

We often have groups gather in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, etc..

Anyone in Edmonton want to meet up?

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quote:Originally posted by Stuart

Yep, I'm planning on being at Limerick's around 5:00, I can't see any problem getting a table as it is an early start.

Look for the guy with the Canada jersey and a Mohawk.

or 'Mr Incognito' as he is known to old Storm fans.

Sorry Stu, can't make it tonight. Cheer 'em on.

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