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quote:Originally posted by snake

does anyone think that wil johnson will be part of the squad for qualifying

Good question, but my guess is that we won't see him in the first round unless we have an injury crisis on the right side of midfield, or the incumbents on the squad are playing really poorly. I worried that if the latter turns out to be the case, then our qualification run will be in jeopardy by that point.

However, if he has a really hot start to his club season's then DM might make a bold move to include him in the squad. You never know, right?

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quote:Originally posted by devioustrevor

I imagine he'll don the Red and White at some point during the Qualification. We will be playing between 8 and 20 games depending on results.

Yeah, hard to imagine not seeing the man at some point. Like it or not after injuries when we see him may depend at lot on when the various club dates fall during our WCQ campaign.

Some of the UEFA players just aren't going to have the gas to make every WCQ this fall. And whether they want to or not the players have to be honest with Mitch/Hart about that.

Their collective seasons will still be quite young come this fall and no matter what anyone says about fitness it just isn't going to come until closer to Halloween. Everybody will be carrying some sort of niggly hurt and while not on their death bed they simply may not be up for a good performance two days after a trans Atlantic flight.

So sure, Wil may not be in our 1st team yet but I don't think he's too far off and fate could conspire to push him into the lineup sooner rather than later.

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quote:Originally posted by Scottie

If peters got a shot there's no reason johnson doesn't deserve one. He's only been playing better and more consistently at a higher level than jamie, and he put on some show at u-23s.

Based on that, I was hoping he might be called in. DM thinks differently.

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