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Carver, TFC help out the CSA !


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Carver, TFC help out the CSA

De Guzman making use of TFC facilities to treat knee injury

Canadian international Julian De Guzman was at BMO Field on Tuesday getting treatment for a knee injury from Toronto FC medical staff.

Toronto coach John Carver was pleased to help the Canadian Soccer Association by providing De Guzman with the opportunity to make use of the club's staff and facilities.

"I want to try and help the CSA as much as I can," said Carver. "Hopefully in the long run they will help us as well. I want us to work together. We want the best for the game in Canada. There has to be give and take. We should all be working together."

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Exactly the sort of thing I'd expect from an MLSE/CSA relationship which put a building and market in MLSE's pocket for next to nothing.

That being said, good on TFC & their parent company. And completely agree it's a sound good-will investment. Very good move.

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