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Canada vs. Brazil predictions: Can you call it?


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Well, since I haven't seen Mimglow around for awhile I thought I'd take over keeping track of the predictions. And what better time to start than now, with Canada sort of "starting a new cycle".

I myself am a bit of a statistics junkie. I like looking at the numbers![8D] So I'll keep track of everyones results and make a nice spreadsheet or something to tabulate them.

This will be a serious competition folks! Pride is on the line!;)

So scoring will go something like this:

3pts for correct result (ie Canada wins)

2pts for correct scoreline (only if result is correct)

1pt for correct goal scorer (time doesn't matter)

0.5pt for cards (time and colour don't matter, max 3 guesses per side)

So, for example if Canada is playing England and I predict:

Canada 1

(goal: hume, cards: hume, stalteri)

England 2

(goals: Owen (2), cards: Gerard, Rooney, Hargreaves)

and the correct result is:

Canada 1

(goal: Radzinski, Cards: stalteri, friend)

England 3

(goals: Rooney (2), Owen, cards: Rooney)

Then I would get:

+3 for correct result

0 for scorline

+1 for a correct goalscorer

0.5 + 0.5 = +1 for cards

TOTAL: 5 Points.

Anyways, I will be keeping track of all the stats! Join in. it'll be fun. If you miss a game don't sweat it, I'll have a column for pts/per game. All predictions must be posted by game start time!


Now, my predictions for Canada-Brazil!

Canada 1

[goal(s): friend, card(s): friend, JDG, Kluka]

Brazil 3

[goal(s): Robinho, Pato, Adriano , card(s): Baptista, Silva]

Here is the Brasilian squad:


Júlio César (Inter - ITA)

Doni (Roma)

Diego (Almeria)


Lúcio (Bayern)

Juan (Roma)

Alex (Chelsea)

Luisão (Benfica)

Gilberto - (Tottenham Hotspur)

Marcelo- (Real Madrid)

Maicon (Inter - ITA)

Daniel Alves (Sevilla)

Anderson (Manchester United)

Gilberto Silva (Arsenal)

Josué (Wolfsburg)

Mineiro (Hertha Berlin)

Júlio Baptista (Real madrid)

Diego - (Werder Bremen)

Elano - (Manchester City)

Kaká - (A.C. Milan)

Robinho (Real Madrid)

Rafael Sóbis (Betis)

Luis Fabiano (Sevilla)

Alexandre Pato (A.C. Milan)

TEMPLATE</u> (if you so desire)

Canada ?

[goal(s): ?, card(s): ?]

Brazil ?

[goal(s): ?, card(s): ?]

Have at 'er!

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Goals - Hutch, DeRo, de Guz

Cards - Stalteri for throwing a water bottle, Sutton for allowing that goal on the DC United game, Peters for yelling at ref after being hauled down


Goals - Diego on a free kick

Cards - Doni for punching Radz, Luisão for bringing down Radz, Alexandre Pato for diving

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Canada 6

[goal(s): JDG (2), DeRosario, Friend, Radz (2) card(s): none]

Brazil 1

[goal(s): Anderson (because he's just that cool), card(s): yellow - Pato diving red-Alex taking down DeRo as last man ]

:D I'd say thats a fair guess :D

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