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CSL Week 1 results (includes TFC Academy)

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Details of the CSL game between the Toronto FC Academy and Toronto Croatia played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

7 min…TFC Academy Adrian Pena GOAL…TFCA Domenic Roberts 40 yard freekick from left is blocked by TC goalie Marko Culjak but he gave up a big rebound. TFCA Shawn Kodejs taps ball past defenders across box and Pena taps ball into net from 3 yards.

Final Score:…….TFC Academy……..1…………Toronto Croatia……….0……….

Attendance was about 500 people on this cool night with about two thirds TFC fans---a mixture of friends and family and some of the TFC pro-team fans perhaps practicing for tomorrow’s game against Columbus.

Isaac Raymond was the referee and he gave out a few cards in either a rough game with sloppy checks or the turf increasing injuries because both sides needed their trainers frequently in this game.

This result came as a surprise to me. I didn’t expect the teenage players to win this game—not that they weren’t skilled but TFC just hired a head coach for them—Jason Bent—just a week earlier and I heard the team had only been together for ten days and had played no CSL exhibition games. Toronto Croatia had been training for the last two months.

Toronto Croatia was the CSL Playoff Champions last year. I didn’t see defensive stalwarts Halburto Harris and Robert Fran on the team last year so I don’t know if they will have the league’s best defensive record like last year.

Jarret Humphreys earned the shutout for TFC. He had to sharp on some saves and crosses but the Croatian shooting wasn’t very accurate. Adrian Pena almost had a second goal at 18 minutes when got to a low cross from the right and blasted a 10 yard shot off the crossbar. Croatia goalie Marko Culjak had to make some good saves too like coming to the edge of the box or actually outside to break up through balls. About 10 minutes from the end of the game TFCA’s Jarret Hamilton and Eros Olazabal (both second half subs) ran to the edge of the Croatia box and leapfrogged the sliding goalie outside the box and both bumped into each other and neither got away a shot.

I was sure Hugo Herrera had scored the equalizer at 39 minutes when he kicked in a 6 yarder through a crowd of players in the box after receiving a cornerkick from Tihomir Maletic but the play was waved off.

Lamport Stadium just had Field Turf installed after years of having artificial turf vintage 1970s that had been threadbare for the last decade. There are no football lines on the field. The scoreboard doesn’t work and there were about 25% of the stadium lights not working so the field was much darker than it should have been. I had to use binoculars to see who had just made a play. A few balls ended up over the fence into the traffic on King Street

This stadium is the home for the new TFC Academy team and is about a 15 minute walk from BMO Field. It will also be the home of Portugal FC which is closer to the Portuguese neighbourhood of the city. With its double-sided stands it will also be the neutral grounds for the two league games between Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles later this summer.

TFCA’s starters (everyone has a high number) all red uniforms, white numbers and single vertical stripe on their right side.

……….50 Jarret Humphreys

46 Donavan Wilson…35 Shawn Kodejs…47 Daniel Tannous…39 Adrian Pena

37 Jeremy Halliday…38 Erick Olazabal (cpt)…31 Ashtone Morgan…27 Keon Spence

…………..41 Junior Ellis

Subs…51 Lucas Birnstingl (gk not used)…29 Eros Olazabal (brother of Erick?)…32 Jarret Hamilton…36 Latwayne Anderson…40 Daniel DiBiagio…44 Jean-Louis Peruza…49 Viktor Anastasov

Head coach Jason Bent…assistant coach Stuart Neely…manager Nick Dasovic (I also saw TFC main team players Jim Brennan and Greg Sutton coming down to the front row before the game to wish Bent good luck.

Astros announcer Ennio Perruzza was the announcer for this game and made most of the calls from the stands. I recognized many officials from the other Toronto area teams here tonight scouting for future games. Next TFC Academy game is next Friday, May 26th against St Catharines Wolves.

Rocket Robin


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Toronto Croatia didn't take the TFC Academy seriously and they pay the price. TC are not the same team as last year and it showed. You can see the TFCA kids have played together before either at the club level or at the NTC level, they knew exactly what to do on the field and no coach in the world can achieve that in three practices. They were also very fit which made a big difference on the field. The message to the rest of the teams in the league is, THERE'S A NEW KID IN TOWN AND HE MEANS BUSINESS!!!!!

Look forward to a great season folks! :)

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Result of the CSL game of Monday May 19th, 2008 between Italia Shooters and Serbian White Eagles played at St Joan of Arc Catholic School in Maple at 4:00pm.

23 min…Shooters Luca Forno GOAL…Forno at 18 yards on left blasts cross bounced to him from right into top right corner of net over flying goalie Dan Pelc.

30 min…White Eagles #15 Milos Scepanovic GOAL…Shooters Branko Majstorovic taps ball letting goalie Pablo Alvarado make play but Scepanovic gets to ball first at 22 yards and runs right past him and cuts in 10 yard shot to open net. Scepanovic comes running over to PA announcer Ruben Toro’s place at center and mocks his “GOLLLLL” call.

72 min…White Eagles Milos Vucinic GOAL…SWE Sasa Viciknez’s 35 yard freekick from left is over players in center of box but charging Vucinic rushes in from right and boots in 6 yarder into net.

77 min…Shooters Franco Ruscetta GOAL…Shooters Frank Bruno cornerkick from left has Ruscetta head in 8 yarder from right just under bar into top right corner of net.

Final Score:……Italia Shooters……..2……….Serbian White Eagles……..2………

Attendance was about 400 people which I thought was pretty good for a holiday weekend and a very cool day with the threat of rain forecast all day. Shooters this year will play their home games at St Joan of Arc Catholic School in Maple just off of Keele Street north of Major Mackenzie Drive. The stands could hold about 600 in the aluminum stands (the seats were cold today!). The field is a Field-Turf kind of pitch and there is a second field east of it. The team will hold its summer soccer camps there this year. It’s already a better crowd than when they played at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

There have been some moves of players between teams this season. Jamaal and Jelani Smith both play for the Shooters this year. Last year they were on Metro Lions. (Jamaal Smith was the only player at the inaugural MLS Toronto FC tryouts to be chosen from over 1000 trialists for their 2007 season). Not playing but listed on their roster is Matthew Palleschi who had time in the MLS and the USL Montreal Impact. Frank Jonke played today at forward but last year was on the PDL Toronto Lynx. Toronto Lynx and Italia Shooters have some kind of agreement and I’ll try to get more details tomorrow. White Eagles don’t have Gabriel Pop on their roster this year. Owner Kenny S confirmed that but another friend beside him said “for now”.

Shooters backline of Jamaal Smith, Franco Ruscetta, Branko Majstorovic and Gerard Ladiyou looked shaky at times and were sometimes stripped of the ball.

White Eagles forward Sasa Viciknez was the best player on the field. He took all the corners and freekicks of 55 yards or less. He had a chance to win the game at 85 minutes when he took a pass on a 2 on 1 but booted a 15 yard shot high and wide left of the net. Nikki Budalic was a starter but was injured and had to leave the game at 10 minutes.

White Eagles goalie Dan Pelc played it safe by palming a few cornerkicks over his own net rather than catch them. He might have lost some balls in the sun in the second half because the sun did come out between clouds quite brightly.

Referee Gianni Facchini gave out few cards today but called a lot of freekicks for this rough game with plenty of sliding tackles. The assistant referee’s had to call a lot of offsides against both teams which weren’t too popular with the fans. Shooters were called three times in the first eight minutes of the game. The crowd was divided about 50-50 between the two teams. White Eagles fans have had a history of the only ones in this league who chant. I didn’t understand some of them and others I better not repeat. It will be interesting when they meet up with the TFC Academy fans.

*(I might have to change the goal scorer at 30 minutes because the program they gave out doesn’t have all the numbers match the players. Maybe as the season goes along the lineups will get more accurate). *Yep I just did when the league report came in. He wore #15 last year as well.

Rocket Robin


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