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An article worth a read on U.S soccer development


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Bit dramatic, but the author is trying to make a point in lay terms and I think he does.

I think the attitude towards football/soccer in Canada while being just as polarized as it is in the USA, is proportionally much more positive here. Still a minority, but I believe more Canadians on average view the sport with a greater intelligence than their American cousins if that's fair. A better trained eye. Which is surprising given the USA's large latin population.

That being said, there are a Hell of a lot of Yanks, living in a country with a more favourable climate compared to Canada and if they ever do manage to get their **** together, oh boy.

But yeah, a good article. Preaching to the choir, but still a good article which translates well to the Canadian experience.

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Our structure is more pitiful at the moment.

- far fewer pro teams in Canada

- no national co-ordinated elite player development system like the new 64 Academy system

- inferior coaching education

I think this author is fairly correct but I personally believe the USSF development academy program that is now less than 9 months old has HUGE potential for US soccer within 3-5 years. If we are 10 years behind the Americans, we will only fall further and further behind as those programs start to show their value. The sheer volume of Quality coaches needed for that program to enjoy real success is the only deficit the Americans might face but they are aware of this from some things I've read and its a huge priority for them to upgrade the quality of coaching in the US.

The NCAA is crap as far as I am concerned. Its better than what we've got only because we have so little to offer talented 18 year old at the moment.

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