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URGENT: New Voyageurs Server Administrator Needed


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The server is pulling in about 60GB/month of transfers.

Speedmonk, are you interested?

The transfer rate is increasing by about 2-5 GB each month.

5/27/2008  	56,802,356,482  	3,837,469,446  	52.90 GB  	3.57 GB  	56.47 GB

5/26/2008 	54,779,831,739 	3,677,077,629 	51.02 GB 	3.42 GB 	54.44 GB

5/25/2008 	52,786,331,731 	3,529,208,409 	49.16 GB 	3.29 GB 	52.45 GB

5/24/2008 	51,355,881,112 	3,419,712,607 	47.83 GB 	3.18 GB 	51.01 GB

5/23/2008 	49,627,686,024 	3,296,716,322 	46.22 GB 	3.07 GB 	49.29 GB

5/22/2008 	47,479,677,912 	3,146,319,657 	44.22 GB 	2.93 GB 	47.15 GB

5/21/2008 	45,607,204,156 	3,003,995,567 	42.48 GB 	2.80 GB 	45.28 GB

5/20/2008 	43,757,590,786 	2,869,337,450 	40.75 GB 	2.67 GB 	43.42 GB

5/19/2008 	41,025,255,673 	2,700,273,530 	38.21 GB 	2.51 GB 	40.72 GB

5/18/2008 	37,152,998,794 	2,493,508,594 	34.60 GB 	2.32 GB 	36.92 GB

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Like I said before, I'll help contribute, and if you need someone to edit links/clean up the site/update it periodically, I can help out. If I were to log in with editing privileges and play around with it a bit I'm sure I could figure out how to change the site around without screwing it all up.

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Wow....Well it looks like as a group we can come togehter and make a little noise....now we need to turn that into something going forward so we don't have these issues. My T-shirt thing has the potential to generate more then a years worth of funding for the site. I was hopeing that the money could be used to grow the group, via other initiatives, however buy shutting down the site we are killing the mouth and soul of the group.

Again I have basic knowledge of HTML and can help clean up the links on this site so they have relevant information....Maybe we need a fresh face for this website...something that would draw people towards us permanently more so than just recreationally.

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If redesigning of the web site look & feel would be better done w/ a Content Management System like Joomla!. See www.joomla.org That way various people can update the web site w/ very little know of HTML. Spread the workload w/ the generating of the content. Forums I wouldn't even got there as there is too much info here to redo. One could start fresh by archiving the old forum.

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