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Buy our own Football Team!

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quote:Originally posted by Natesta

I don't know how well this would work in Canada, but if you all get close, I'd probobly be able to be talked into this.

That being said, I'm definately going to invest the 35 pounds in myfootball club so I can get access to the members site and start recommending young Canadians as part of their scouting staff.

Seems like it could be a good way to get our Canadian players some european exposure.

In fact, maybe we should just buy ourselves an English side!

I'm very much with Natesta...think about it guys...

We would be able to get thousands of soccer fans throughout Canada to invest in this (exactly like the myfootball website has done) I think many soccer fans would jump for this opportunity here as well...

Not to mention, depending on the team, a good facility would already be in place, as well as a fan base...

Also, there would be the possibility of initiating camps through the team which Canadian potential can goto and train, various ages groups, perhaps for a fee...thus we would have that relationship in England to make this possible.

I think that would even be something the CSA would take attention to in the end as well, of course if done right...

I'm in if we can do something in England, I dont care if its the last division....

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